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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ms Miss Mrs...

...gals, ladies, women - whichever title you choose: are you ready? Have you thought about the possibility that isil will invade your land returning us to the thirteenth century. Have you thought about the impact their occupation will do to the rights of women. Are you ready for the return to a life of ignorance without the freedoms of domination. Have you considered what actions you wish to enact to preserve your way of life, or are you just waiting for the men to fight for your rights.

Will you consider a shift in economic opportunity to a life so basic that the time will be spent scrounging for basic necessities. Can you live being covered from head to toe in black. Are you willing to take orders upon pain of death without the right of discussion.

Can you take the time to think about what is worth fighting for, as a woman. What freedoms are you willing to give up. Have you thought about how to protect yourself from an unseen enemy.

Women, what say you, have you taken the steps to protect the rights other women have fought for, for you to enjoy. Think about it now.

The dark ages is a time of ignorance, do you want to live there, do you want your children to exist in an age of fear of the unknown with little chance to learn about the world, the stars, music, art. Will you be satisfied without beauty. Can your eyes forget the sights that enthralled as it gazes into the black world. Can you live without the beauty that has surrounded your days, are you willing to live without, the comforts of the mechanized environment. Will you dream of the knowledge stored on the internet as an unattainable dream as they did before the invention of the printing press.

Are you ready for a mindset of the dark ages where thought is not rewarded, where thought is discouraged, where freedom and independence is the rights of man - with nothing for women.

What is the price you are willing to pay to know tomorrow will be better than today, how much will you sacrifice to be sure that the women who arrive after you have the chances you have or the learning you have or the freedom you have - or will you allow their lives to be prisons of ignorance and domination.

It is now, the time for you to consider your choices and what your future shall be, and theirs. Please do not squander the time in daydreams, assess  you skills and adapt your knowledge to protect what you hold dear, for soon it may not be here.