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Monday, April 25, 2011


If I was a woman I would cry when I saw injustice
If I were a man I would raise my fist in rage at the sight of injustice
Were I a child I would wonder in awe and confusion about unfairness
There is a passage in Lady Chatterly's Lover which speaks about,
after the country fair, the master beat the slave, the slave beat the cow
and the cow went into the field to cry
Link tv is airing a program about the 'Israeli lobby' crediting it with motivation for
the invasion of Iraq and proposing it will be responsibile for the invasion of
Iran and WWIII
In the program they state that Colin Powell addressed the UN assembly before the
invasion of Iraq, with intelligence gathered from 'Israel' and that Colin Powell's
credibility is what sold the premise that Iraq had WMD
Link tv also aired a program about the attacks of 9/11, which posed the questions,
or more stated, that the US was warned by various countries before, and about
the attacks, and that the 'officials' of the US protected themselves from harm,
by staying aboard a ship when attending a foreign meeting, and travelling by private
jets for personal safety. The lingering questions about whether or not the planes would
have been stopped by the air national guard or whether the attacks were permitted
or simply gross incompetence is a good maybe. But much consideration should
be afforded conceit - it could and would not be possible, or imaginable on American
Oil dependence, or oil monopolies are probably more to blame. Autos now are getting
better mileage and alternative fuel is burning the corn most would rather eat.
Without oil, albeit, without cheap oil economies are at a standstill. The US is FORCED
to find cheap oil, cheap by American standards, at the high price other nations must pay.
Responsible partnership is an old story, stewards of the land a makebelieve fairytale
thrown on the back burner of expediting a quick fix.

Friday, April 22, 2011

a young man

There was a young boy working one of the side shows in Coney Island during the nineteen-sixties. He was perhaps eighteen years old. He was one of the attractions, along with the bearded lady, and the leopard lady, a woman with a skin pigment issue that showed light and dark patches of skin on her body. For twenty-five cents a person would walk through to peer at these people standing or sitting on the stage.

The young boy was sitting in a chair, he had no arms. Between two toes of one foot he held a pencil with which he wrote upon a piece of paper.

Amazed by what she had seen, the ten year old went home and spent hours staring at her toes telling them to move. She thought for days about that young boy without arms and what his life might be like. All the things he would never do.

Eventually she was able to pick up clothing with her toes. She was still thinking about that young boy, as she moved her leg with the shirt between her toes closer to her hand to grasp the cloth.

Other things and life got in the way of her continuing to develop the skill of using the toes for more than balance, she learned to flex her muscles like the body builders, and to slow her heart beat.

She hated the thought of the way that young man had to earn a livelihood and had no respect for a society that forced him into such a demeaning position. Realizing the amount of concentration it took to make the toes move independently showed how much character that young man had. And yet he was so far outside the mainstream that he was lost to any of the opportunities afforded other young people.

At the time the society had no interest in investing in his future. He was one of the 'freaks' in the 'freak show' for people to gawk at.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Twitter is the new age route for communication
The new mail
The proof that people need to communicate
And now
We want instantly to be in touch
That we must be connected (to each other)
is a remarkable surprise
we who crave privacy
we who crave independence
we who want to be alone
and go through years of earning
to afford palaces where we can isolate ourselves

we must communicate to express our feeling
to get in touch with our selves
we want to be alone
and we can not be alone
we set it up to be together
whenever and where ever we want

people are [dying] to communicate
young people are [dying]
to text each other

we want to be heard
we want to be noticed
we want to make a [positive] difference
except for those who choose to make a
negative difference like me madoff

or, is mr madoff , off his mind mad
how does one enmass billions
and cheat millions
while communicating
{we want to hear what we want to hear}
and we hear what we want to

and we must do it together
what ever it is
we must link [ourselves]
to a oneness
whether or not it is a benefit to any of us

we must connect
we must link
we must be together
we as a one
get into and out of trouble all-together
and whatever it is 
we must do it together

it seems we[men and women] must
and seek unity
whether it be religion or politics
we must be together
we must be part of something
bigger than our self

so we tweet and twitter together
therefore we must be birds!

Friday, April 15, 2011

An old story

Seventh grade 1959, the first male teacher at the catholic elementary school resembles Ichabod Crane, tall, skinny, black hair and a slight hunch to his back. He favored the arts, classical mucic, rigid classes, and physical punishments. He had no problem bashing a child across the nuckles with the blackboard pointer or using the pointer to point and fondle the girls dresses. All the students marks suffered during his term, whether through his strict grading or general malaise is a point debated. He was the least favorite teacher of all the students.
One day, Bobbi and Jennie decided to steal all his keys and throw them away. The principal, all the nuns and Mr Ronney were in a huff for the missing property. Teh students became agitated by the odd event, there was an air of discomfort disturbing the whole school. Bobbi and Jennie bragged to Margie what they had done.
Margie could not, in her mind, understand the logic for the act. She did not see any good by what they had done, and further saw the upheavel placing a cloud of turbid turmoil in the environment. She, on her own, chose to 'rat' on the girls. The girls were made to pay for the replacement of the lost keys, and any locks which would have to be replaced.
Some time later, Margie was walking on the way home from school with other friends. Jennies brother was riding his bike with Jennie on board. He was delivering his sister to beat up Margie for 'ratting her out'. Margie's uncle was driving down the street at the same time, he saw what was happening and picked Jennies brother up from the neck of his shirt. He lifted him off the bike, he let go of the handlebars and the bike fell to the ground. Jennie turned and was startled, so was her brother. Margie's uncle let go of the kid and that was the end of that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the continuing saga

He doesn't remember

neither does she

He says she did it
and she says, if she did, she does not remember
He doesn't see so good
neither does she
He does not hear so good, or blocks out
most of the sound around him
she hears more than she wants and
has not the ability to block things out

her nerves getting shattered by the
drone of life that surrounds her 

he talks about everything and alot
and she gets overwhelmed by all  the data
he keeps feeding her

he is quick to reason while
she is slow to absorb,
she answers the question he asked five minutes ago
and he gets confused because for those five minutes
he has been talking about something else

they both passed middle age, way awhile ago
set in their ways
with health issues to annoy them, they  
annoy each other

when they communicate
they both forget words, nouns  as well as adjectives, 
with each sentence, choosing words that
resemble nothing to relate to the subject at hand
both their minds growing older with difficulty finding
the words they knew unable explain what they want to
say, their minds 'dead ending' losing their way
to the reservoir of the dictionary they enmassed in their heads 

neither sleep well, one snoring louder than
the other, with his prostate calling 'tis time again
to void'

he forgetting what he said
or, keeps remembering to say the same thing
over and over

she constantly getting annoyed, with him repeating, while,
he believes he is making a the statement for the first time
and is surprised by her annoyance

he getting angry when she doesn't tell him something
she saying she told him three days ago

she always thinks she is right and has to have the concrete
fact to prove her wrong, then she is stunned by her
mis-knowledge and cannot believe that she is remembering
something wrong

her problem solving skills are grand, while he is always giving
her the problems to solve

but she can no longer add or subtract or balance her checkbook

when she shops she gives two twenties for an eighteen dollar bill
then hunts for days for the twenty she has lost, never realizing
the clerk has palmed her bill

he, being mechanically challenged, throws away anything that does
not work
she opens up and inspects anything that is not functioning, hoping
she can fix it

he, the meat and potatoes man in the household, had ordered meals
with specific vegetables for each animal, avoiding leftovers
she eats most anything with the preference for non meat meals, saving
leftovers as treasures for tomorrow

to be continued

Monday, April 11, 2011

comments please

Elder, "Keep your mouth shut. Don't tell anyone how you feel, do not share your opinion, it won't do any good, noone will listen to you anyway, what makes you think you have something important to say, you don't know anything, you haven't been here long enough to know what goes on, so how do you come up with the idea that you have something valueable to comtribute, let those who know what is going on take care of it, mind your own business, don't bother saying anything, they'll just laugh at you."
Youth, "But I know when things aren't right, I know what is wrong, and if I don't speak up it will go on as it always has, and I will regret not saying anything to try to make it better."
Elder, "Better? How can you make it better? People have been struggling and striving for centuries, tens of centuries. Besides, it is better, think about the Romans, feeding people to the lions, countries invading countries, stealing their wealth, slaughtering their people. Think about the era of the sweat shop, the choking coal mines, slavery, all those things are gone. Now we have competition, the free market system, democracy and equal rights."
Youth, "YeaH! i KNOW equal rights. We each have the right to PURSUE happiness, like the dogs at the track chasing the rabbit, but the dog never catches the rabbit. It is just a system to keep us all busy, so we don't start any trouble."
Elder, "Don't make any waves, don't make them notice you, then you can live your life. The world belongs to a few very rich people, they are in control, there is nothing you can do"
Youth, "Revolt."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fw: So who is it?



The people who smoke
The people who drink soda pop, beer, and coffee
The people who eat fast food and chew gum
They are the persons
credited with the sloppy job
of destroying the roadways of America
They, especially the smokers and drinkers
who throw plastic, metal, and aluminum
from their vehicles, aiming at every tree
and roadway
Then there are those who have tires that are
good for recycling but they are too lazy and slovenly
to bother to transport them to the centers
instead they leave the job to those who appreciate
the natural beauty, while it lasts
America, once was beautiful one or two lane roads
that rambled through little hamlets, each with their own
Those stops are almost all gone
Now there are roads wide enough to see nothing but
and more macadam
You no longer see the small shops
decorated with the personality of the purveyor of goods
The small eateries with Mom and Pop behind the counter
The variety store with little nicknacks made by local artisans
Everything is the same
You ride down the road
with only the destination in mind
No longer the distractions of the communities on the way
Stretches of road
and more road
the drone of the tires
nothing to see
nothing to look at
nothing along the way
to change the view
all the same
destination bound
no opportunity to segue into another world
no sight of the people near where you travel
the lonely open road
with nothing but the destination
and the trash strewn along the way
the new view of America
macadam, weeds, maybe trees
the flying plastic bags
the dead tires
broken chairs
torn shirts
shattered buckets
an old couch
another dead tire
bottles, green and clear
shiny aluminum cans, crushed and ripped
broken brown bottles, some still holding beer
the new view of America
some roadways have billboards
and motels
but you never see these things from the road
you must turn off, miles to the left or right
of the direction you are pointed in
travel some more out of the way
way away from where you are going
to get lost along the way
no direct route back to the direction you were pointed
more driving
more gas
more trash
all along the way
to where you are going
with nothing to see along the way
but what people have discarded another day
the past is all you see
what people did
what people left
for you to see along the way
in the direction you are pointed
they, whomever they are,
have left you macadam, and mayhem
to amuse you along the way
on the new roads of America
that go to where you are going
with nothing to see along the way
but the trash of someones yesterday

Saturday, April 9, 2011


The strong-arm of attention
has arraigned the brain
the obstinate immortal
enchant, casting the spell
of an unlettered stench
speeding the ill wind to confer
the box of religion to spare the fixed
crabbed executive

and that folks is the result of the
random choice of words from the dictionary
and the random sort of those words
into something that sounds readable
or probably something a politican
would say

Guess you could put this in the category of
another silly mind game to amuse 'the little
gray cells' and keep the wheels turning

as well as a distraction from what is reallly
going on

sorry to inconvenience you with the dribble
of fatigue
but writing instead of sleeping seemed like a good idea
although the trifle is not worth while
as I attempt to rhyme a rythmn to unlock the thought
that has stalled the brain into inertia

inertia is more damaging than indifference
inertia is the brick wall that controls
and holds the soul, locked in a nowhere
with nothing to stir the imagination.

without the imagination inertia is the ship at sea
without wind for its sails
adrift with the tide, swaying from side to side
listless, quietly getting lost in the sea
no land in sight
no stars to steer by night
no sun to point the way
adrift on the water
with the smell of the salt air
and no other sight than the sea
oh my oh me
nothing but sea

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

silly, more

Somebody, anybody, everybody, a body, your body, my body, this body, that body,

maybe things disappear when you stare at them long enough

or does your consciousness disappear

exhaustion changes everything
the things cared about before exhaustion
become irrelevant and unimportant
they disappear from the want
and the relevance becomes irrelevant
except food
food is always important except when we are full
do we ignore the hungry when we are full
and do we give solace to the hungry when we too are hungry
'body fuel'
fuels the body, what a funny word
which one
both of them
silly again
can have import
becomes a revered word
when the combinations
arouse the senses
sparkling revues
mouth watering
words to ignite plans and postures
preparation and anticipation
picture the empty plate
and before the food
which will not appear

are you full
have you had enough
is the thought and the memory
of those memorable meals
enough to sustain you through your hunger

how long can you do without
how long can YOU, yes YOU
be without, and do without that something
that enters the mouth and travels through
to the stomach

can you afford to do without
will you choose to do without
must you do without
how do you do without

without is the answer

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,

Today, like every other day, I spent time washing my face, brushing my teeth, dressing, preparing meals, consuming meals, cleaning up the mess made from preparing the meals and consuming the meals.

The rest of the day was spent, travelling to the store to shop for things to prepare for meals to consume, stopping for gasoline to run the engine to take me to the store to purchase the food for the meals to prepare and consume.

Also, visited the post office to deliver the all important tax papers for 2009 taxes. Watched some new on tv, not much news, mostly, newscasters opinions of the news, they still have to describe news events by their feelings like horrible, terrifying. Like they think I care how they feel about the news they are reporting. Like their feelings are more important than the news.

Why don't they just say, an earthquake hit Indonesia, not a terrifying earthquake hit... We don't care if they are sad about something, what is important is the report, fighting in Lybia, not dangerous fighting, we know all fighting is dangerous, someone always gets damaged. Like all the news is new to them, like they never heard it before. Why can't they just tell us what is going on, instead of giving us their personal opinion. I don't know them so what value is their feelings to me. Let me form my own opinion, don't tell me how to feel about something!

Well, after getting upset about the news reporters, more than the news, so namaste yoga was the trick to relax the mind and wake up the body.

I thought about all the work I still had to do, and still plan to do. Sent some emails to keep in touch with friends, individually instead of facebook, in your face everybody knows what your thinking.

Fed the cat, brushed the cat. Washed some dishes, took a shower.

Thought about the hair thinning, and wondered how I will look bald, maybe I should shave my head instead of counting strands, must consider the options.

Saw some sun, some clouds and some sky today. Heard the wind whistling in springtime and rain. Saw some daffodils and the peach trees beginning to bloom while the grass is turning a rich green.

Saw lots of cows today on my way to and from shopping,some were black,  some were brown, and some were white. Reminds me of the thousands of tons of irradiated water washed into the ocean today because of the reactor problems in Japan, bet that sure will put a crimp on China's fish industry. Lots of unrest in the world. Hati is still struggling, now Japan, now Indonesia. It is an odd feeling when thinking about the problems of the Whole World. All I can do is think about it, with out any answers, just a heaving burden, like a weight upon my shoulders for All is my family,  thinking about the unhappiness each is felling and the sadness forced upon them. I wish there was a way to make them smile.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


So somebody in Florida burned a Koran
and they are rioting in Afghanistan

they are afraid
afraid that what they, both in Florida and Afghanistan
believe in will be invalidated

they are so insecure in their beliefs that they are atttacking
others for their beliefs

the new crusades
those who have so little are fighting for the illusion
and many will die
for what they believe

for they cannot live without the illusion
for they cannot give up the illusion
despair is what they do not want
and being alive without the promise of something
better in the after life is more than they can handle

they have to believe in the better life later
because the life they lead now is so unfulfilling
most of them  are men of course
they have to lead the way to a better existence
they believe what was written so long ago
interpreted by other men

they can not consider that the books were written
by others who wanted to control,
those boss of bosses giving orders

have they at all considered that most of what has been written
is simply a how to book for the human body
like the automobile manual
telling that too much of any one thing will rot the system
that fasting is a good way to clean the pipes

the Catholic church was known to order eating meat on Friday
was a sin, to give the fish industry an opportunity for business

the Koran ordering the death of infidels is a fine way to insure
complete control, without opposition

religion fighting governments for control
the have nots fighting the haves
for what they have

again ignorance and want rearing their ugly heads
and again we have no one smart enough to figure out
how to multiply the loaves and fishes (it is presumed that
individuals present at the event many years ago, contributed
what they had to help feed the masses present at the event)
and help us out of this predicament

thus, we are forced to live through history repeating itself
and all we can do is watch the movie
I.E. except for those of us forced to participate in the drama
the hard times for all they are a coming
except of course for a select few
who will be insulated from the falling debris

Saturday, April 2, 2011

So whaT

So what
what difference does it make
it all turns out the same in the end

what matters
only the quality of life
not necessarily how pretty a home is
it is
those small things the little scratches that
etch away at self esteem
and erode self worth

all the undone
slowly piling into a mountain
the putting off till tomorrow
silently smashing the will
the step untaken

everything to do
and doing nothing
and what remains
a shell washing up on the shore
with nothing in it

without doing
there is nothing to look back on
to pat the back on
to puff the chest on

to lose
to have
to part with
to give up
to do without

to know what it is to lose
to know what it is to have
to feel
to touch
to love
to live
to be
to was
to is

as it is
as it is done
as it was
as it will be

at least it was there
if but for a brief moment
to celebrate the doing
and not regret the undone

to share life doing
without regret the undoing