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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mr Kapernick

Dear Editor,

  Jack Krier seems to enjoy insulting dissenters. He writes about why someone should not disagree with his point of view. In the case of 'Kapernick - An Ungrateful Jerk, he blew a wonderful opportunity. 

  Jack instead, should have thanked Mr Kapernick for showing the greatness of America. A one in a million star, standing alone, for what he believed is an injustice to be brought to the nations attention, and he was not arrested, nor shot, where else but in America.

  Whether or not Mr Kapernick's point of view is representative of the plight of American's of color is something persons of color can only speak of. Mr Krier is not a person of color, so how can he say the star is wrong. He does not even offer any statistics to prove his case.  Mr Krier points out the good fortune of a star and the fact that a star has been recognized even though he is a person of color. Most stars are rewarded, they are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, thus, the color of the star is an aside, and their skill is rewarded, not the color of their skin.

  Mr Kapernick has shown us all what is in praise of America, with all her ills, she has given all of us the opportunity to voice our dismay. Why would any of us want something swept under the carpet if it is an issue that needs the attention of the nation. 

  It is a fact that the war on drugs is biased against minorities, but there is no one working to overturn the power of the alcohol lobby. We are a nation of special interests and money is what is the rule of law. So while Mr Kapernick has the opportunity to amass a small fortune most of us will only dream of, most of us do not and will not excel. And if we laud his abilities why do we not laud his willingness to put himself again on the line and say what is on his mind, even if we do not agree with him.  

  That one man in America is standing or sitting for what he believes is truly what is great about America and we all owe him applause for reminding us this is a free nation, and as all nations it has some flaws.


Saturday, September 3, 2016


   It is fifteen years since the towers fell in New York City, and the war is no closer to an end. Instead, what is happening is a displacement of millions of persons, stressing the resources of nations and neighbors. People are forced into destitution with no home nor opportunity.

  Governments accepting humanitarian challenges while destroying the homes and habitat of those whom are now destitute. And the unseen enemy persists. The battlefronts are being bombarded with bombs and napalm, while the enemy lurks in our backyards.

  There is no one with whom to communicate, no one to beg for a truce. Women are being kidnapped, children slaughtered, soldiers buried.

  Where is the discussion for appeasement, the barter for better tomorrows. The walls have ears, yet no one hears.

  We are in the new dark ages, education is dispensed with in lieu of food or shelter.  The hungry can not learn. This is the new generation of ignorance, darker than the dark ages, despair greater than the great depression, and the peoples of the world are threatened by the unknown, the enemy with no face, the battlefield with no border, the weapons everything possible.

  Today, with less opportunity, less education, less relief, less progress for a quality of life to afford the human race to advance beyond fear and ignorance. We, the thinking people have succumbed to the fear of the unknown and allowed ourselves to be held hostage by the unknown unseen foe.

  Instead of spreading wealth , opportunity and education, the civilized people are trying to erase the demon  with mythical swords, swiping through the air at ghosts.

  Could an enemy be beaten by the display of example, the wealth of nations expanding the quality of life for all its members. If there was the hope of a better life on this planet, would those soldiers still be willing to invest their lives for the virgins in an unknown world. Would they be willing to forge a path into an unknown world if they saw a better place here. We shall never know. We shall continue to fight this war, for longer than the thirty year war, with less of the pleasures of a quality of life known to the civilized world before the invasion of the ignorant on our shores.

  And this war shall be remembered for generations as the war of fear and ignorance, with the world forever being altered by the victors.