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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mr Kapernick

Dear Editor,

  Jack Krier seems to enjoy insulting dissenters. He writes about why someone should not disagree with his point of view. In the case of 'Kapernick - An Ungrateful Jerk, he blew a wonderful opportunity. 

  Jack instead, should have thanked Mr Kapernick for showing the greatness of America. A one in a million star, standing alone, for what he believed is an injustice to be brought to the nations attention, and he was not arrested, nor shot, where else but in America.

  Whether or not Mr Kapernick's point of view is representative of the plight of American's of color is something persons of color can only speak of. Mr Krier is not a person of color, so how can he say the star is wrong. He does not even offer any statistics to prove his case.  Mr Krier points out the good fortune of a star and the fact that a star has been recognized even though he is a person of color. Most stars are rewarded, they are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, thus, the color of the star is an aside, and their skill is rewarded, not the color of their skin.

  Mr Kapernick has shown us all what is in praise of America, with all her ills, she has given all of us the opportunity to voice our dismay. Why would any of us want something swept under the carpet if it is an issue that needs the attention of the nation. 

  It is a fact that the war on drugs is biased against minorities, but there is no one working to overturn the power of the alcohol lobby. We are a nation of special interests and money is what is the rule of law. So while Mr Kapernick has the opportunity to amass a small fortune most of us will only dream of, most of us do not and will not excel. And if we laud his abilities why do we not laud his willingness to put himself again on the line and say what is on his mind, even if we do not agree with him.  

  That one man in America is standing or sitting for what he believes is truly what is great about America and we all owe him applause for reminding us this is a free nation, and as all nations it has some flaws.


Saturday, September 3, 2016


   It is fifteen years since the towers fell in New York City, and the war is no closer to an end. Instead, what is happening is a displacement of millions of persons, stressing the resources of nations and neighbors. People are forced into destitution with no home nor opportunity.

  Governments accepting humanitarian challenges while destroying the homes and habitat of those whom are now destitute. And the unseen enemy persists. The battlefronts are being bombarded with bombs and napalm, while the enemy lurks in our backyards.

  There is no one with whom to communicate, no one to beg for a truce. Women are being kidnapped, children slaughtered, soldiers buried.

  Where is the discussion for appeasement, the barter for better tomorrows. The walls have ears, yet no one hears.

  We are in the new dark ages, education is dispensed with in lieu of food or shelter.  The hungry can not learn. This is the new generation of ignorance, darker than the dark ages, despair greater than the great depression, and the peoples of the world are threatened by the unknown, the enemy with no face, the battlefield with no border, the weapons everything possible.

  Today, with less opportunity, less education, less relief, less progress for a quality of life to afford the human race to advance beyond fear and ignorance. We, the thinking people have succumbed to the fear of the unknown and allowed ourselves to be held hostage by the unknown unseen foe.

  Instead of spreading wealth , opportunity and education, the civilized people are trying to erase the demon  with mythical swords, swiping through the air at ghosts.

  Could an enemy be beaten by the display of example, the wealth of nations expanding the quality of life for all its members. If there was the hope of a better life on this planet, would those soldiers still be willing to invest their lives for the virgins in an unknown world. Would they be willing to forge a path into an unknown world if they saw a better place here. We shall never know. We shall continue to fight this war, for longer than the thirty year war, with less of the pleasures of a quality of life known to the civilized world before the invasion of the ignorant on our shores.

  And this war shall be remembered for generations as the war of fear and ignorance, with the world forever being altered by the victors.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Toothpaste, please

   Oral health care has made strides since baking soda, tooth powder, one size fits all toothbrushes and cigarette pack cellophane as floss. We now see designer decorations in the morning when we look in the mirror and we can choose bristles from soft to hard. Toothpaste replaces the powder, it can fight cavities, soothe sensitivities, whiten, and protect with fluoride and comes in travel size to reduce bulk in suitcases. Mouth rinses too, fight cavities and kill germs, comes in a variety of flavors from medicinal to mint with colors including green, orange and purple. There is also mechanized as well as portable brushes in case we want to tour room to room instead of staring at our selves in the mirror. We can also choose to have a waterspout to spray between our teeth instead of floss giving us to see what brushing and rinsing misses. All at reasonable prices for  the masses.

   It is now time for the industry to leap well into the future to further provide the burgeoning population with the benefits of oral health care. Science fiction movies have long shown us the progress of food dispensed by tube as we travel the planets. The future is now. The industry must recognize one of the joys of consuming a meal is taste. We enjoy the variety of flavors that linger on our palate, flavor also being the choice to consume more regardless of whether or not we have the hunger. Today's choice of flavors for after eating brushing overwhelms, shocking the gums with a cool mint eraser of a meal well prepared to please the discerning palate. It numbs the senses soon after a culinary respite, destroying hours of preparation to an appreciation of moments.

   Since the industry is now in the future, is it not time for us to choose to have the lingering flavor of a meatloaf delight, or a shrimp scampi as we walk back to work from lunch. Or how about garlic toast while we watch the soaps. Let's have some peach cobbler as we wait for traffic on the freeway, or some steak and onions for touch football. A hearty chicken soup will suit us well on a cold rainy day. We don't need the calories, just the pleasing after taste to occupy the senses long enough for us think we have had a meal instead of a medicinal measure to delete the experience of ingesting nourishment.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The EU vs Google

   In the late 1990's Google was not advertised as a diet aid product. That was during the days of dial-up. People spent hours Googling, ignoring the pangs of hunger, feeding their intellectual appetite instead sampling the desserts that sweetened their minds with all the delicacies available, some even slept less opting instead to google the night away. In those days Google had few advertisements among the pages of data, nothing interrupting the segue through links of the world of everything in writing. It was a free flow of knowledge at a more rapid rate than turning pages in books. It was the freedom of information inspiring a nation to learn and grow.

   Fast flipping to the present, the EU is interested in making the case that Google is hindering competition.

   The EU has nothing to worry about, all the other search engines have far more advertisements with less links to information, and Google is also catching the advertising bug while offering less information. It is increasingly more difficult to cull knowledge from the scroll of ads that must be flipped through, almost like looking for the needle in the haystack.

 This trend,  following  television programmings need to bombard  watchers with products and services that interrupts the flow of the program they may forget they are watching. Instead  the screen fills with legal services suing every provider of everything that has been proven beyond a doubt  to shorten lifespans, or medications for every imaginable ailment that have  side effects that sound worse than the ailment they are trying to relieve. [Any child should have nightmares about visiting a medical professional or opening their mouth until they are miles away]

These practises have driven away television viewers and will also drive away Internet viewers moving them back to the library for information.

In Honor of Memorial Day 2016, A Veteran's Story

   He volunteered to fight during WWII, even though he was married and his wife was expecting any day. During basic training he was cited for his marksmanship.

   He was in the infantry in France, but spent his time driving a truck, delivering supplies to the front lines, or,  chauffeuring the General.

   One summer day it was very hot, the General wanted to visit the Coca Cola Bottling Plant. While speaking with the Manager, the Manager offered the General a warm Coca Cola, there was no ice.  He waited in the truck for the General.

   When the war was over, he returned home where no Coca Cola Product would ever cross the threshold into his abode.

   He died when he was eighty-six.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

For Jack

The room is silent, no creaks or squeaks,
 Just the measure tick tick tick.

 A clock,

 A constant reminder,

 'Time is passing, time is passing',
A second,  a second
Drifting  Past,

The endless end of time,
A second gone by,
Another and yet another,
Tick tick tick.

time time,
What have you done
What did you do
Where did you spend it
The time,

The Days
The Weeks
The  Months.

Tick tick tick
Wisely, wasted
Worn away
Time time time.

Moments  measured,
Sixty seconds
What have you done with it, Jack
Give it back
Get it back
Save some for the sack.

Waste not, want not
Yick Yick Yick
Tick Tick Tick
Pick, Pack, Puck.

Work for it
Let it work for you
Choose wisely
Whatever you do.

It wont come back
You cant get it back
Tick Tick Tick,
Gone Gone Gone
It will never come back
What have you done with it Jack.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sensory Overload

How many planes have you heard over your head today
How many automobile horns and motors did you hear today
Did the sounds of  police sirens. ambulances and fire engines fill your ears today
What of the dogs barking
The babies crying
The trains screeching to a halt
How about the music blaring from storefront speakers
And then the helicopter from the news stations
The school bells ringing the change of classes, and the church bells tolling the hours, quarter hours, and half past
The mother yelling at her kid to shut up
The televisions selling everything and nothing
The heating systems rolling warmth
The eateries exhaust motors
Those noisy generators that turn on the lights
The police whistle that says stop and go
The drunk singing a song with unknown words
The weird one shouting the end of the world
A cat hissing preparing for attack
The other who always chants for us to repent
The vibration and drone of the jackhammer
The hiss of the steam through the street vents
A motorcycle with a pseudo muffler
The refrigerator engine
The washing machine
The dryer
The dishwasher
The doorbell
The telephone
The alarm clock
The sound of running water
The coffee pot hissing
How many engines have you heard today
How many machines have droned your ears to dullness
And your nerves to fray
To be happy to close your eyes to sleep
To wake from a dream with the sound of the garbage collection crew complaining about working while we no longer sleep

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

hillary and donald

Can she say, "That depends upon what your definition of Classified is?" Obviously Americans are loathe to prosecute a Former First Lady for any offense, and she will probably get away with here elitist rule of life, that she is entitled and deemed worthy of anything she chooses without earning any merit. And there are some females who are so wanting a woman president in their lifetime they will vote for anyone, whether or not they have the qualifications.

Benghazi is something she dismissed with, "the fog of war". But if her first interaction with war has her overcome with fog, how will she lead in other battles. How will she protect our troops.

Her honesty is not in question, we all have heard her vague non committal responses, with the look on her face noting that she hoodwinked another group of people into agreeing with what she has said when in fact she has said nothing.

For someone who has no accomplishments under her belt besides getting jobs that seem more like positions acquired through nepotism.

As a good democrat she is promising spending money we do not have to benefit those in need, with no plan for where the funds will come from.

The Republican front runner is a new face to the race for the White House, with gruff, aggressive behavior, with insults abounding. In his case you know his appetite for acquiring things and you must decide whether or not he is bucking for the job to improve the American condition or to advance his advantages, improving his conditions in life. We know our Representatives are far more financially well off after serving the people than  they were before their employment. Thinking about all the possibilities for his deal making.

 So far all the deals he had made have been to his advantage, and not necessarily others, i,e. creditors who lost their investments when his companies declared bankruptcy.

We mostly hear him insulting people, or praising himself.

Today he says he is refusing to participate in the upcoming debates because he has been insulted by the head of fox, and he does not like one of the moderators.

This guy is applying for a job, and the interview process is a standard operating procedure. What he in fact is saying to the people is hire me without me presenting myself for approval. You all know me. He is looking for the job without having any competition.

Have you heard him discuss anything, has there ever been a communication without mention of negative comments of the competition, or how great he is, or how stupid are those running the government. Often he simply rants and raves about how much money we owe, a lot of money. And that he will fix it, shall he file bankruptcy for America to fix it all?

He also wants to build a fence and export illegals. For decades we in America have tolerated corporations hiring illegal aliens as cheap labor, it has been discussed for years, and we all have participated in purchasing goods such as farm products that have been picked or harvested by illegal aliens and we have closed our eyes, and the government has allowed the practice to continue. Now everyone who will not benefit from their living in the USA wants them out. These people and their offspring should in fact be permitted to remain, should be documented and pay taxes. This idea of having them pay back taxes is absurd. They ought have work permits and be given the opportunity to study to become citizens. The have been workers, earning for their families doing jobs Americans do not want to do. Shame on us that we now want to throw them out.

Neither of these candidates have the qualifications to lead this nation to progress. There will be no emotional growth to enhance our futures, we will continue to slide into the dark ages.

The most important issue for Americans is education., ignorance our enemy.

We can fight isis with education, knowledge is what they are lacking, they do not know any thing but their religion. If we Americans show them the benefits of education, nothing will stop us. Education is a good job, sending people to school is better than sending them to war. Giving America to expand intellectually is the only way America will grow to greatness.

But the problem is: the media and the government have spread a breath of fear that has infected the population. Unemployment has furthered the epidemic, and both candidates are hoping we are so frightened that they will get us to choose an emotional response as opposed to an educated thinking mind to choose a leader. There is an air of crowd psychology that is growing into a mob, sad for us, we are going backwards when we ought choose forward.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tennis Anyone

Can anyone explain why the tennis association tolerates the grunting professionals. Is it something totally necessary for tennis players to grunt and groan with every swing. Why, or are there any other so called professionals that vocalize their use of energy. And why do the fans tolerate such behavior, are they all deaf. Yes, it is a strategy to unnerve the opponent, to glean an advantage, but it is in such poor taste. Do they ever watch and listen to themselves, can they be proud of their behavior. Even football players do not  sound as foul. The sport has diminished since the likes of Maria Sharapova and the other Russian named players have appeared, as well as the men including Novak, too bad the fans and association tolerate such unprofessional behavior. The fans ought be insulted that they have to be subjected to the sounds of pigs squealing. Those contrived outbursts are more objectionable than that Spanish guy always playing with his butt. The tennis association ought to have a code of ethics for unprofessional  behavior, the player should be fined for demeaning the sport, lowering the standard, insulting the fans - perhaps even noise pollution. It they can fine Serena for her language why not the rest for poor sportsmanship. It would return the game to an enjoyable sport.