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Monday, October 31, 2011

Are You Dying

Yes, I am dying
As soon as I am born
I embark on the path
to death
Living all the while
dying all the while
grasping every moment
no, not yet
just dying
of course
looking into the window
How have I fared
compared to what
compared to Hillary Clinton, Mother Terese,
Princess Di, the man in the moon
or simply the person sitting next to me
I have lasted all this time
that is an accomplishment
yes, that is what counts
does it
of course
you are not dead
but, what have I done
a little of this a little of that
nothing earth shattering
no trip to the moon
yet, not too many broken hearts
or damaged egos
not too many
yet, some
some mistakes
here and there
some dumb faux pas
some others too
some people like me
some others do too
Some sadness along the way
some pain
and laughter, oh don't forget the laughter
some really funny things
some a little dangereous
like the time....
working in the bank, and Mary was mad at her cousin from Ireland who came to America on a holiday visa, and was living with she and her family and abusing the priviledge by getting a construction job, taking away the job from some American at a time when jobs were in short supply. So we, a bunch of us, sat together thinking what to do and we got Anna to bring in her Immigration papers for us to look at. And we wrote up a letter to her cousin, from the US Dept of Immigration and Naturalization in Washington DC telling him, that he must present himself at the nearest Immigration Office with a list of papers, birth, visa, pasport and a bunch of other papers.
It was reported to us by Mary, that his cousin went to the local immigration office, there, the immigration people made a fuss about his getting a letter from Washington and they wanted to deport him right away.
When at home, he, her cousin said that it was the Irish Mafia in Massassechutes that was after him. And Mary's mother said to him, "See you can't fool the US Government".
For weeks after we sent the letter, all of us in on the plan were looking over our shoulders, expecting to see G men coming after us, even though we put a stamp on the letter after we had rationalized that putting a stamp on the letter made it look like we were not really trying to impersonate the US government.
That, I thought was dangereous and was surprised about my complicity, especially writing the letter was my idea.
Maybe that reverts back to the days when I ratted out J & R in elementary school, my moral outrage.
Speaking of moral outrage
what value has it
what is morally valid
Like Albert's theory
It depends where you are standing
Fair Play
We all would like the playing field equal
watching any football game we know, the field is not
Like football, every player has different rules
what kind of a  player are you
I use to think I was important
When I was a banker, I took the job seriously
and was personally responsible
for all the people whose money I was responsible for
Working in the pension department I kept thinking of all the present and future
pensioners whose money I handled
The accounts covered every industry, paper, plastic aluminum, printing ....
I fantasized, for every pensioner there was a spouse and at least two children
And I worried about all of them
I did my very best all the time
to protect their investment of time, translated into money
I did my best not to be responsible for any harm coming to any of them
then, one of my bosses was caught stealing
and, I had guilt by association
that I should have known and probably did know what he was doing,
is what everyone said
Marched up to the big shots offices in the tower, and sat down before
the corporations lawyer and the big boss, I felt guilty, even though
I did not comprimise any of the accounts money, at least not knowingly.
Tainted goods.
On all sides, any way they looked at it.
There was no way to free myself from the yolk of suspision.
"All you have is your good name", or so they say.
And mine was tarnished by rubbing up against life.
And all the other things I got credit for,
whether I did them or not.
I was always the one in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Or is it the right place at the wrong time.
It doesn't matter, where ever I was, I was in trouble.
In elementary school, in high school, even college, it was never perfect,
it was never beautiful. I was never fortunate.
I plodded along with cardboard in my shoes to cover the holes in the soles.
Sounds like an analogy.
You're covered, but you're not.
I was smart, but not educated.
My smartness got me from nowhere to somewhere
and circumstances brought me back to reality.
So I left the bank, because I was disillusioned
the bubble was burst
they were just human
and they
made mistakes
and it cost me dearly.
I now had to face the real world.
 Living on Park Avenue, like living anywhere else, is no free lunch.
there are always hidden costs
and surprise!
we all get to pay it.
Just do your best not to get too beat up.
Or, if you do get into a fight
make sure it is worth fighting for
but how do you know, if something is worth fighting for
we have always been told to do the right thing
how do we know what the right thing is, at the time
You know hindsight is always 20 x 20
but at the time, all you can do is guess
because the product(the scene you are playing) is not played out yet
so you have to guess  what is right and what is wrong
the old "trust your feelings"
when forced to make a decision, about whatever will affect you
your best guess
just crossing the street can change your life and your world
for better or for worse
and remember
there is only one rule,
sometimes always never.
If you apply that variable
at least you won't be surprised with the outcome,
except if you are.
Are you still there?
I am still alive,
I am still dying.
travelling through time, back and forth
the past and the present
Weighing what
the measure of my life
the good the bad and the ugly
the things that have happened quickly
before I could catch them
before I could make other choices
the things that have happened so quickly or
while I was so young so ignorant so stupid
what do you mean
One time when I ran away from home
the place that was so awful
I got lucky? and my friend Ernie's mom
offered me her home
living there was cool
they had some money and I was not accustomed
to the comforts
Even though I had a job in a dentists office
she asked me for no money
I felt like the cowering dog in a safe place
one day at work
Ernie's father called me up and
wanted to make a date with me.
I thought that was disgusting.
But I felt threatened.
Ernie's family were planning to go to the lake
for the summer and I would be at home alone
with Ernie's father.
I solved the problem by hurting myself.
I wrote letters to everyone in the family, little
formal notes thanking them for all the kindness
they had shown me.
Except for Ernie's father, his note I made provocative,
knowing that Ernie's mother would open it.
The letter caused quite a stir. Ernie's mother
was very agitated and threw me out that very day.
I cried with my tail between my legs all the way home.
I cried because of the husband Ernie's mother had,
I wanted her life to be perfect. She had been so kind
to me, the kindness I had not felt before.
I cried because I was forced back to the home of strife.
Oh so many stories in my life, of pain.
Pain hurts the most.
No, pain you feel the most, it cuts the deepest.
It scars your life with the sharpest cuts, the deepest wounds,
the ugliest deformations, the wretched apprehension fear.
Yes, I am still dying
I am as yet not dead.
They didn't kill me, as best as they tried.
The passion is still there.
What passion.
The passion to live every moment, to drive my self
through my life, going where I want to go, doing what I want to do,
pleasing myself.
What do you mean.
Being old gives me some advantage.
I want to live my life doing those things that make me happy.
There is not much else that is important.
If I care for my family, that makes me happy, why, because if
they are happy, they will not cause me any aggrivation and thus
I am without strife, that is happy.
If my family is happy, then I can devote myself to making myself
happy. It is the take care of yourself first rule. Whatever it takes to
take care of yourself.
Reverse psychology. Simple.
Keep your eyes open.
See what is going on.
Don't walk with blinders.
Notice your environment.
You are always being watched.
Protect yourself.
There is always someone watching.
If you assume you are always being watched, then, you have
a better chance of not doing anything that would put you in a
comprimising position.
The old "cover your a--" mentality. Do your best to protect
yourself, mentally physically and emotionally, this way there
is no guilt. You won't feel guilty when all goes awry, because you
did your best.
If you do your best all the time, you get in the habit of doing
your best even though it is not always good enough.
You can at least feel good about yourself, because you
are the only one you HAVE to live with.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

ty -son, thank you

It's a beautiful day today.
The leaves are red, orange, purple brown and green
bathing the landscape in a visual palate spread for miles.
Some of the sulphurs are still butterflying around, even an
occasional monarch is seen flitting from mum to mum.
The sky is clear, after the scant rain of the other night
brushed the brown from the air to settle more of the ground.
It is a beautiful autumn day for a ride to fill the eyes with
color before the winter dull grey washes across the land.
Even the car windows are clean.
A perfect time to visit the autumn day.
Until, the acrid  aroma of consolidated waste assaults the senses.
The pungent putrification accumulated and growing, fouling the air,
and the land. Punishing the neighbors with waisted real estate
values due to the destruction of the land and water of
neighbors and other community members.
There is no waste reclaimation project for the liquid and solid
excrement. Even when the barns are empty of fowl the
air is not fit to breathe and everyone speeds past the
zone of waste. Local real estate is depressed more
than the national average. No one wants to live near
the barns, no one wants to do business near the barns.
And those that were there before the barns, wish they could
leave, and those that were there after the barns have learned
their fate too. All their hard earned money, saved and
invested in the land, worthless, worth less than the dust storms
of the depression. Water unfit to drink, air unfit to breathe,
a foul place to raise children, even on a beautiful autumn day.


If the leaders of the taliban believe what they preach
should they not now be dead
If it is heavenly law for taliban to kill infidels
to receive 70 virgins in heaven as repament for their holy ways
How can these bosses justify their existence when all the members
of their religion are killing themselves for the cause they so strongly
If the leaders of the taliban do not believe what they preach
then they are sacrificing young lives
so they, the leaders, get what they want,
control of the world
and thus should be prosecuted at the world court for war crimes
because they have thus declared war on the rest of the world,
 using their followers as their 'holy' weapons
That being said, consider these young people who are being blown
to bits for the cause {like the kamakazi pilots during WWII}
    These young people, versed in their good book, either being read to them
or read by themselves believe the rest of the world the enemy, and do not
have the honor of facing their enemy, eye to eye, before combat.
They sneak among civilians and implicate them in their battle. They, the taliban
martyrs, have no respect, nor regard, for any living person who does not
believe as they do, that death serves their god. These persons, assuming of course
that there are female taliban who believe as the taliban male, that life is better dead.
    Killing oneself because one sees no value in life is not unheardof, people do it every day.
Killing oneself and all the members of their family, is also not unheardof.
Killing ones enemy is of course the purpose of war, but killing oneself and one's enemy is
very productive, reducing the population, reducing the enemy, as well as reducing the ally of the cause.
Not a very western point of view for sure.
Shall we mourn the enemy of the west, that believes sex in heaven is better than sex on earth
or, a the promise of a lot of sex, with females who do not have the opportunity to choose with
whom they have sex, in the next life, or the heavenly life.
Or, should we mourn the leaders of the taliban, who preach to young ignorant minds
that sex is all they should ever hope to look forward to, that their animal urges are their only
purpose in life, or should one say, their only purpose in death. That that is all that is valuable in life.
While, the leaders live, giving no thought to using the end of their own life, to further, the cause,
which, if all things being equal, and more taliban die most of the time when a taliban believer
commits harikari, except of course for the occasional bingo success that wipes out a bunch of the
opposition, there will be no one for the taliban leaders to lead, and then they will consider the error
of wasting resources, unless of course, they have the seventy virgins locked away someplace and
they are growing more harikari followers of their own crop.
As a military strategy most generals would say it stinks.
Except of course, if the bomb is so big that it will level acres and acres of everything, then of course,
there is nothing won, because as they say, it will all be BLOWN AWAY.
Is it possible that the writer of the Islam holy book wants everyone to kill each other, thus ending
the life of the animal called man on the planet earth, or only the men, leaving the planet in ruins
to the women as punishment for mothering them.
Still, one can agree with the premise of eliminating the enemy, at all cost. And the merit of reducing
the world population since the economic hardships befalling us at present. But then, what general
would respect another general for eliminating the competition and all the economic resources at the
same time. One would at least want a place to live that would sustain life, unless in fact they too plan
to leave the planet with the rest of us, just to keep us company, or to prove us right.
And yet, one who has any honor can not honor anyone who does not confront their enemy. Cowards hide.
If the taliban truly believed what they say to non believers they would face their enemy with honor.
There are good guys and there are bad guys, historically the bad guys are the ones who sneak around
hiding their faces, except for the Lone Ranger and Zorro, but they like Don Quixote are fictional characters
little boys make believe stories.
The Christian Holy Wars were lies, turf wars under the guise of god told us to do it instead of the devil made
me do it! So, unless someone starts telling the truth, the lie will ruin it for all of us.


national public radio.
    Brain washing seems to be the agenda at our local NPR because every other statement is NPR or KBIA, repeated at least twice or three times in one sentence.
   It is a very informative station filled with little facts that make topics interesting. There are biologies of composers and or musicians as well as some historic annecdotes about era when the piece was written, and the announcers genuine interest and appreciation of the work. Not what you hear on contemporary music stations.
And of course the demeanor is much quieter or softer, there for the most part, are no screaming commercials, except last week for some young peoples concert that for some reason had to be shouted to be heard. But for the most part it is a thoughtful vocal discourse.
Friday and Saturday nights are Jazz nights with a feed from somewhere in Colorado I think, and again there is dialogue about every work that is played and jazz performance announcements for the whole country which is kinda cool. It lets you segue to all the jazz clubs you've visited, reminding you what it was like to listen to live music. It is not in fact, music to fall asleep with, that happens during the rest of the week when the classics are played either with historic performances or the newest lastest masters playing, and being interviewed. Kinda reminiscent of the radio of the fifties and sixties with the story tellers, feeding the mind with tapestries that spark the immagination.
So yes, there is much to praise on NPR,NPR,NPR,KBIA,KBIA,KBIA.
If you have problems sleeping and own a headset for a radio, it is the perfect sleeping pill. WIth the volume set a little bit lower so the voice of the announcer does not start you awake after a piece is played. While the concert or piece is being played focus on one instrument and follow the musicians effort sliding the bow on the violin or the saxaphone blowing the notes, or if you are fortunate and the piece at times features the xylophone you can follow every strike either soft or strong. You can try it without a headset but it is not really focused enough to distract one to sleep.
Then when sufficiently rested you become informed immediately about the days news. Today I woke up learning that the Klitchko brothers have both have doctorates and that towns on the east coast will either get a dusting of the first snow or up to ten inches with a nor'easter. Good for coctail conversation.
Also, for conversation memory I was informed that the Prince of Wales valet irons the Princes shoe laces.
They, NPR,KBIA and the NPR feeds, do not play a lot of the old masters. I have not hear Heifitz, Casals, Armstrong, Krupa, Stokowski, Van Cliburn, Toscanini et al. The new artists are great, many today share their love of their instruments and the music they make but few have the interpretation of passion as "the post war musicians" and the younger audience of today could use a lesson in the art of expressing passion positively, it is a liberating travel that frees the feelings into a peak of perfection, and it doesn't cost anything.
NPR, KBIA maybe doesn't have the library or is fueled by so much youth that they are not exposed to the historic musical performances.
Quantas grounded it's entire fleet today until the unions negotiate a deal.
What is also lacking is the universal exposure, no Japanese music, or Chinese or Indian. One of the announcers prefers Irish music though. It would be nice to hear some Iraqui, or Native American classics. It seems reasonable to have a national station which would introduce the nation to all the nationalities appreciation for musical expression. Did they ever hear of the Harmonicats, or Ravi Shankar, two more masters with historical significance.
NPR,KBIA is the best here and it could be better, it is a young youthful audience that it is playing for and the kids are missing the creme de la creme.
The drone of the offensive, like the old fashioned broken record and image of brainwashing that changes the flavor and mood with the connection in real time.


Wander  into the abstraction
through the hall
past the door
into the arena
around the flora
sift the aromas
smell the textures
feel the colors
wash the wind
wander into the abstraction
leave the timepiece
abandon the counter
remember not to measure
enter the place
the aurora of nothing
the domicile of the visual
without the touch
with no emotion
the depth in space
the relm for the third eye
to the link
of the feeling without touching
the seeing without being there
the hearing with noting said
the solid with out measure
wander into the abstraction
the empty space
with everything and nothing
the comfort of the knowing
that the knowing is the unnecessary
that the being is the necessary
in the here and the now
and the then and the there
not here not there
in the everywhere
the empty space
with nothing
containing everything
wander into the abstraction
among the trees
amid the forest
alone with the leaves
 buried beneath the canopy
at the bark
 on the ground
smell the earth
hear the trees
feel the leaves
nustle with the bark
hug the grandfather rock
join with the ages
wander into the abstraction
with the ancient one before us and with us
along side an parallel
travelling the path
resting beside the pond
picking the berries near you
smiling at the sun with you
while you wander into the abstraction
at home
at peace
at the place to visit
without time
without space
without distance
without measure
without plan
without malace
yet within
and very far.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

an ode to data

my mind wants to learn
hurry hurry
run the pages quickly
give me the information
so my brain can chew the words
into meaning
into understanding
into knowledge
into growth
fast fast
quickly the head say
feed me the data
I am hungry
I want to learn
I am starved
move the frames of the movie faster
feed me the data quickly
before I lose the day
give me the knowledge
the knowing
More More
it is not enough
it is not fast enough
it is too slow
I must learn
I must learn to know
I can not live without the knowing
I can live with out the growing
faster more
time is running out
I am aging
I am getting older
and still I do not know
everything there is that I want to know
duck weaves
autummn leaves
life heaves
in the air there is stillness
the lack of motion
the lack of time
the clock ticks
time time time
the hand of the clock moving
through the air that is not moving
the time marching
as the breadth widens to let it pass
that second is gone
did you see it
winding its way through the fold
of stillness
past those leaves of yesterday
around the tree of now
and the birds at rest
time time
soon all will be gone
and we did not know it
the tree
the leaf
the bird
the time
all that is left
is the memory
of what was
the incomplete memory
of the tree we never saw
the leaf we never knew
the bird lost to the corner of the eye
what was it
brown, yellow or blue
the image that is gone
that thing that we did not know
that knowledge that we did not lose
that knowledge that we did not have
that time that we did not see
that tick
tick tick
that passes us by
long before the blink of an eye

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ah - um

        Last thursday was the first session with the therapist who assigned to me during the study. It has been my purpose to volunteer for research groups as my small way of giving back something, repaying the future for all the kindness afforded me in the past. Previously when I have volunteered my time for surveys some longer than an hour in duration, I have received a small stipen, ten dollars, fifteen dollars or nothing, the money really doesn't matter, it is not necessary to be paid for a gift I give, but when then do offer the stipen I do not refuse. Being unemployed for more than fifteen years it makes me feel good to get paid once in a while, just to remember what it was like to have money paid to me. But I digress, the research project is being conducted by telephone. Two weeks before the call from the therapist there was a call from a research assistant who asked me questions for two and a half hours. The questions I suspect were a control, asking me how I felt about certain things and to what degree positively or what degree negatively. Like the calls you would get from a company you had just made a purchase from. But in this project, the research assistant and the therapist do not have any communication, and what is discusses is not shared. Like a blind research project when they test drugs, some people in the research group do not get the drug that is being tested instead they get a saline solution or sugar pill. Before I continue, I did receive twenty dollars for the two and one half hour call from the research assistant, in case you were wondering. The project is to last a year, with weekly phone calls for about two months with intervention strategies from the therapist and then follow up survey questions from the research assistant, along with mail containing program guides and forms and cd's with instructions. This is what appears to be a serious research project, me in Missouri and all the researchers in Washington State.
        So, the phone call on thursday was from a therapist at the University,  who had two masters degrees, I didn't ask if I should use the title master when addressing the therapist, I was not going to call anyone master! This was another long phone call, lasting nearly two hours. During this time, I did not say very much, I just listened to instructions and once in a while asked a clarifying question. During the call I mentioned that the therapist said um a lot, and that I was a very suggestive individual and did not want to be hearing myself say um a lot, and that I would not feel kindly if I did. The therapist was quiet and took the comment in stride and continued with um before every sentence, and noticed once in a while a um.
        Since thursday I have been doing the work and keeping the log and thinking about the project from the point of view that maybe I will learn something, and that I am committed to the project for the benefit of the future no matter what, except of course if I cease to exist, therefore negating the contract, and I do not expect that to happen for at least another year, unless of course Surprise!
        Then Sunday morning with breakfast I began my usual viewing of Booktv on C-Span 2. It is a program where various writers are interviewed about the subject of their latest tome. A very informative segment of tv. There have been discussions about the murder rate in Baltimore Maryland, about a book called Why Do We Kill. That discussion was so interesting that I ordered the book from a vendor on Amazon, and after two weeks and no delivery an answer to an inquiry email told me that the vendor was out of business - I did not notice, maybe they were in Baltimore. There was another interview with a professor who wrote a book about soldiers during three different wars spanning three hundred years, and the differences in combat soldiers. During the civil war soldiers stood side by side and fought side by side. Hadn't really thought too much about that except when I would see civil war movies, but the prof did the research and spoke about some of his findings. Then there was a discussion about women in elected office in America, and how there is not much opportunity for the female because eighty three percent of the electorate, house and senate, are male and the incumbents, and incumbents are usually reelected. Mention was also that there are more women in America than men and these women have generally since the nineteen nineties, have voted democratic. Well as you see it is a diverse program with time for anyone who wants an introduction to thoughts on other peoples minds, something to ponder about. What was especially interesting, which I had not noticed before, or had not happened before, was that the professors or other writers interviewed also used um before most of their sentences and there were others who used ah. There were five um's to two ah's and one abstention. All these educated, very educated individuals had the selfconsious need to um and ah as the audience viewed. Now, if I find myself joining the ranks of the ah, um group, I can not hold the therapist totally responsible and in all fairness must report my findings to said therapist, um -ah, in case I don't!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

he said she said

He:    Will you miss me when I am gone
She:    Yes
He:      Why will you miss me
She:     Because you won't be here



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Western Republlican Presidential Debate

Can Republicans can win anything by bickering?
The Biggest Prize for wasting time - waisting time otherwise allotted for their opportunity to impress voters with their abilities or knowledge
The  Failed Distractor Award for being so unprepared they bring more attention to their opponent rather than shining the light on their merits
Foolish Finger of Fate Award - me me me, look at me, with nothing original to say so instead I sling mud in my oponents face
Failed Debator Award - if the questions are submitted to the debators in advance, then they have nothing to say. If the  questions are suprises, then the debators have never given the issues any thought. OR there are no real answers and it still doesn't matter who is elected, and they are all only fighting to be the boss.
Let's get the record straight - was heard a couple of times - does that mean that candidates were intentionally misleading voters - or their research faulty: either way we are in trouble if we pick someone who does not have the record straight or who doesn't know what the straight record is or who is misleading the straight record.
Mr Anderson Cooper could not control the candidates, or the candidates were out of control. The debate for the most part  was a free for all. Free for Romney and Perry to occupy all the time, allowing them both to make fools of themselves in front of millions of voters. And if the American Voters vote for either we will deserve anything that happens to us.
Any Republican that publically blantantly can not debate a fellow Republican can not lead the country nor convince the opposition to see their point of view.
About the Latino American Population - If an illegal allien has a child on American soil should that child have the right to the benifits accorded under the constitution.
Foreign Aid is not really foreign aid, it is insurance, and any candidate that chooses to tell the American Voter that it is a waste of money is misleading the people into believing that we can do it all by ourself. The more allies we have {bought allies as well as true allies} the better force we have to ensure our safety.
America made a large mistake in dealing with Central and South America and Mexico - we ignored them - we ignored their needs and their well being and now it is coming back to bite us. If, when we had the opportunity, we invested in those nations, we would have in fact had allies.
Korea, Japan, Germany and Israel are strategic postions in the world where we  have troops positioned to launch an assault to either defend  our allies or thwart and attack on the good old USA. If we brought those troops home, what would they do, guard the Mexican Border every inch of it, while we become isolated and all the other free nations become vulnerable.
We have prided ourselves on being Munitions specialists, supplying many independent countries with the tools to defend themselves, are we now going to abandon our belligerent bent to become peace niks.
Big government is big control, perhaps we can not take care of ourselves and must therefore have government do it for us, or this is simply the natural progression from the independent to dependent, the yin to yang, pro to con, plus to minus, more to less.
Jobs - after WWII the mentality was to throw garbage into the streets to create jobs. Is government regulation the way to create jobs, of course not, products, goods and services are the jobs that generate benefit not government control.
Wall Street - yes, Wall Street has excesses, but the Clinton Administration Policy of deregulating Freddie and Fannie Mac changed the structure of the Mortgage Mechanism which funded home ownership, creating a false market for real estate. Then, the derivatives markets took advantage of the situation. And then Bernie made off with whatever value there was in the market place. And then, the SEC and the ratings agencies looked the other way or did they skim their share of what was there. And then, the shareholders were left with corporations that had stock prices which did not reflect their current value because eveybody already borrowed against any value that was there. The derivatives markets are the true markets today, they reflect the fear, greed, ignorance and want which is the market values of corporations today. The price of a corporations stock has and is diluted by the bonds, options, puts and calls issued now and into the future.
Hostages/Negotiating - The land is the asset, every soldier or citizen in harms way must realize that the land that is called the United States of America is what we fight for and the persons of the population are in fact all we have to defend the land. We have state of the art weapons and do our best to stay ahead of the pack, in maintaining our arsenal. If Russia had the resources to maintain their space superiority we would in fact continue the space race,  but since the fall of the USSR we have assessed their inability as no threat. Americas army at present is a mercenary army, if there was a threat to American soil that the mercenaries could not sustain the government of the United States of America would in fact reinstate the draft, and every available person, probably male and female would be ordered to defend our shores, and anyone who believes otherwise is deluding themselves. Israel is a small nation compared to the USA and needs all it's citizens to defend it's borders besides any allies they have and therefore must value every citizen and must therefore display that value to it's people and the world. Israel is land locked by enemies or nations with different values.
Yucca Mountain - nuclear waste is like a methadone clinic, do you want one in your back yard. Waste disposal should be or is  the  industry of the future. Except that, overpopulation is usually alleviated by extermination aka WAR, and we, the human race will reduce the population thus reducing the waste accumulation. Survival of the fittest.
The fittest candidate to lead the nation is the one you believe who can make us proud, whatever that means.
Or, the person who does not whine like the bachwoman or bicker like the romperry or pray like the sa'ntor'um or build a wall like pall or tax like cane or  snicker like a newt or preach like a bama.
The other two candidates weren't there or weren't heard from so they are not recognized during this night of debate.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear Friend Feb 19, 1945 - Aug 28, 1945

Free mail
Victorville Calif. Envelope dated Feb 19, 1945
(typed) Saturday Night
Dear Jean:
It does seem like ages ago when I had last written you a letter but then
again it seems like only yesterday I arrived here. That's how fast time
flies but then I've been kept so busy I hardly notice the days going by.
Besides all of this , it was still a shock to hear from you and it won't
be long before I will be seeing you again… embarrassing, isn't it?
Better think of very, very good excuse to tell me.
Well, my good friend, how are you… oh yes…. You've told me and I'm glad
to hear you are getting on very nicely. But tell me, how the heck did
you get those ulcers… what have you been eating… tch, tch. You must tell
me all about them. Honestly, I'm glad to hear you are much better and
you can have faith in my promise not to say anything to Sal. I've been
trying to get a furlough for March and so far I know nothing definite
about getting it although I have hopes of getting it. They won't tell me
nothing about it until five or six days before the day I had put in for.
But if I do get to come home I will get to see you and of course I shall
be so happy to see Lucille again. Bet she's grown up. Excuse all
mistakes (you'll have to anyway) because I am typing this on the job and
every once in a while I am keeping a look out for Japs or something'.
I've got so much to tell and yet don't know how to say it but then I
believe I'll hold it till I see you and we'll have something to talk
about. I was very happy to hear all the news you had to tell and I can
imaging how happy you all must be over ther propect of seeing your
brother again but then I was sorry to hear about Victor. I remember him
well…darn this war… it's causing too much misery and heartaches.
The cigarettes are scarse out here but we get a carton a week. We carry
a ration card now for both cigarettes and Films. I had an extra carton
so I sent them to Sal. I do hope he gets them. I was only too glad to
send them and didn't miss them at all. I know how tough it is over there.
Your letter was not nonsensical and I'm glad you wrote because if you
hadn't, I would of sooner or later. I meant to write sooner but then I'm
always the same, keep putting it off till the next day, then find myself
too busy and before I knew it your letter came to me like a bolt of
lightning from above.
Notice anything new?
In about two or three weeks I will be seeing you again and then I can
finish this letter orally. Do you mind?
I'll close now with loads of love to Lucille and regards to the family
and yourself.
For the present Au Revoir
Your friend
P.S. I hadn't the hear to send this letter as is. After reading it over
I find a lot of writing but very little said so here goes with some news
of what has transpired here in the past few months.
There has been many soldiers transferred to the I infantry and for
awhile I was on one of the lists but was scratched off (boy! Was I glad
) I've been working both inside and outside posts. For the past two
weeks I was guarding planes and had a bicycle to ride on duty. It sounds
like it would be a soft job but instead I do so sick and tired that I
don't want to look at anymore bikes. Hope they keep me off of that post.
As for this California weather, it's not so bad excepts when it rains it
forgets to stop. Just now it's like spring and summer put together. I
dread the months of July and August. I hear they're scorgers.
That's All Folks

Free mail
Kearns Utah envelope dated May 4, 1945
U.S. Army Air Forces stationery
Thursday nite
Kearns Utah
Hello Jean: I find myself at an overseas base and am going through the
usual training before being sent over for non combat duty. I left my
last field on the 17th of last month and they gave me six-day delay
enroute but I could never make it to come home so I spent them in L.A.
and Hollywood. While in L.A. I saw Autuoro Toscanini in person
conducting at the Shrine Auditorium and I must say he's tops. That was
his first and only appearance in L.A. and I was lucky to get to see him
. Saw a few broadcasts: Danny Kay, Judy Canova and Lionel Barrymore. Had
a swell time but it all had to end so I left on the 23rd and arrived
here on the 24th. They took most of my clothes away and for more than a
week we had lectures, rifle practice, and went through the Gas Chamber.
Soon we will start on various details until they ship us to P.O.E. As
things stand mow I believe they will take me. Today I went to the Eye
Clinic to get fitted for glasses for my gas mask. For the present I am
temporary dignified but only until they re-check my vision. They checked
my teeth and now I am minus a tooth. They scanned my immigration record
and gave me four different shots in the arm. I hope they leave me alone
or there won't be much left of me. Tomorrow I have an appointment with
the eye clinic. They may check up on my vision. In the afternoon I go on
a five mile hike and my feet don't like it much. They pretty strict
around here and we have to keep on the ball in order to keep out of
trouble. Don't get much time off so I don't get around much anymore. We
get up at 5:30 every morning including Sundays so you can imagine how
early I go to bed in order to get some sleep. Tonight I happen to be
appointed fireman but guess what I had to do? At eight P.M.. I reported
and they handed me a hose to water the lawn, then when I was through I
went around to all the barracks in my are and put on the outside lights.
I get off at 10 P.M. so I am writing this letter in the meantime. You
thought I forgot all about you but I fooled . By the way thanks for the
lovely Easter card. It was nice of you to remember. Anything new from
Sal? I'm expecting a letter from him soon. By the way there may be a
possibility of my being sent to the South Pacific but we really don't
anything until the day we arrive at our new home. If anything new
develops I will let you in on it. My new address is on the envelope.
Give my regards to the family. Don't say anything about this letter to
no one as yet. I haven't told my folks a thing yet. Especially Pete just
in case he makes a slip to my folks. Xxxxxxxxxxxx for Lucille. Tony

Free mail
Kearns Utah envelope dated May 22, 1945
Sunday night
Dear Friend:
It certainly does look like old times when first we began corresponding
with each other. It's all due to the kind of letters we write and what
we put in them that makes it easier to answer these letters; Yet when I
look back, I seem to remember what a poor conversationalist I used to be.
Speaking of states, I can recall four of them I have actually been in
for more than three months and of those I've been through, they are too
numerous to mention. Who'd ever thought that one day I was to travel ad
see the world. But we get tired of it after awhile and begin to long for
home, no matter where home may be at . Even Sal ( I'm sure) who at one
time had a mania for traveling has more than enough of it now. I
remember when we first met (it was through Charlie) that was the year of
'30 or '31. At that time we made plans (thinking of it now, they sound
so silly) but we never actually start out until '36. From then on my
travels began to materialize. Then the government stepped in and
furnished all the expenses for my travels. I am wondering where my next
stop will be. Perhaps the Aleutians?
About the Mormons, they are not what they used to be on account of the
law but occationally some manage to get caught and have a little piece
written about them in the papers. It's funny how they have the streets
named around here. They run from where the temple is and are named
according in what directing they run. For instance: South 3rd West St.
That means that the name of the street is 3rd and it's west of the
temple. Also south of it. It's all so complicated that I just look for
landmarks and travel accordingly. But then I don't go to town too often
because it takes too long and I have very little patience left which I'd
like to retain. Patience ….. In this army a person can go batty without
it. Yes, patience and humor - if we have that, then we're sure of
pulling thru'.
Now, I'm really not such a bad guy when it comes to kids. I was just
thinking that maybe they could help in this emergency. Am I really a cad
for trying? Please don't call me a cad - a brute yes (grrr.) but not a
cad. No, No, a thousand times no.
I believe you come very close for Sal. He gets two points for each month
he's been overseas starting on the day he was at his P.O.E. station. But
where the Navy is concerned< I believe they may work it a bit different
or at least they won't discharge too many of them . But I do hope Larry
makes and I'm sure Frank should make it too. By the way, the point
system starts with the month of September 1940 (or is it 1941?)
So it seems like they want Sal to see the Orient? Maybe we may get to
meet each other. Who knows? That was very nice of you to feel that way
about my being drafted but somehow when I get to think that way too, I
get to feel guilty. Yes, it's selfish for any of us to think along those
lines. Too many of our friends are sacrificing their lives while we are
having it soft and easy. But then, that's the way human nature runs;
just like those people that still don't believe those people that still
don't believe those atrocity stories. But there'll come a day when their
eyes will be opened to all that has happened, only I hope and pray it
won't be too late like the last time. What??? Jimmy Walker?…….Amen.
Yes, all I lack is to see - the Far East (besides one or two or maybe
three other places) but from what I've heard, if I had my way, I'd
choose some other hell - hole.
So you're starting to use G. I. lingo? How about Snafu? I had one in my
last camp.
That was a cute one about the "wisdom tooth" How'd you ever do it? You
did your utmost to justify your intelligential (another computer change
intellig enzia) and therefore I must submit to your victory. (Did you
wear yourself out thinking of that one….ha!ha!ha! <last laff.
A joke's a joke and a 'laff's a laff but what's this about a G.I. nudist
branch? Who knows, we may form one on one of those islands. Mmm - not a
bad idea.
Make that shingle read "Weeping Shoulder Fee 50(cents sign)" I get ten
percent. Just think of all the dough we'd make from Charlie.
That's nice of you to think of me in that way and you can accept my
reservation in advance for that guest room. Yes, that would be nice, -
Lucille and I playing a duet, you doing the singing and Sal
philosophizing during the ent-tracts - oh heck - intermission.
Just took time out for chow and guess what we had? It's what I call
camouflaged meat. This is the kind of meat that is and isn't. This is
how it's made: take an ordinary size of bone and soak it in crumbs and
what have you, -camouflaged steak -. That's the best way yet on "how to
conserve food". And no seconds are allowed. You've heard of the song
"One Meat Ball"? Well, they practice it here but they give us a break
and allow is two slices of bread.
That's all the gripes for this time.
Now a little of what is happening:
I suppose you know by this time that I am waiting to get notice for
shipping to P.O.E. I've processed and was to leave last week but was
temporarily postponed. It seems though by this coming Thursday we will
be boarding the Train to our Port of Embarkation. In the meantime we
just go around policing the area (picking up butts) and in the
afternoons we play games.
And in closing, give my regards to all and - oh yes - loads of hugs and
kisses for Lucille but please no strangle holds. She nearly choked me
the last time. What is she training to be, a wrestler or was that a
sample of jiu jutzu? As ever
Your friend

Free mail
Seattle Wash
American Red Cross stationery
June 8, 1945
Dear Jean:
Your letter arrived here two days ago and since then I've been racking
my brain as to what I could tell you since I've left but you know how it
is. For awhile it will be impossible to tell you where I'm at or what
we're doing so that I have to confine myself on what you have written to
me alone.
I was indeed happy to hear the good news that Larry will be joining the
family soon. I believe it has been a long time since you have seen him last.
The reason I didn't correct my mistakes in the letter was so that I
would know for certain whether or not you knew how to spell. Pretty good
excuse - don't you think?
You're praises have got me in a spot. How can I do otherwise but live up
to these compliments. Hope I won't let you down this time. But then how
can I . It seems to work both ways.
So Sal is adding Italy to his repertoire of travels. I hope he gets to
see his relatives while he has the chance too. At least he can tell you
where he's at an although as you might say - I am really in the know -
at the present moment I cannot tell you much of anything. In fact I
couldn't even tell you which way the wind is blowing.
You are certainly picking up that G.I. lingo pretty fast. I'm sure your
brothers will be voicing it quite extensively without knowing.
So you're eating nuts lately. You should make a pretty picture, don't
you think so? Huh? - did that language come from you - my ears are
ringing. I'm expecting a boomerang.
Yes, I saw that picture and enjoyed it tremendously. Some how it left le
in an awesome state. Supposing such a thing were possible, I wonder ------?
So that's what you wimin' do! Talk about us men when we're not around.
As to it being a woman's world with a few women springled here and there
but mostly there. What ever you do take the advice and don't ever think
of a ball and chain. It won't work in some cases and in those that do -
well -eventually you'll think less of him for being such a --How would
you say it -- -? As for me mums the word so have no fear. After all I
may be a brute and a chiseler but never let it be said that I ever was a
snitcher. The very sound of the word scars me. Beside I couldn't stand
to bear you pointing your finger at me in scorn.
I will have to watch out for those strangle holds of Lucille's which you
have ( no doubt for a purpose) been teaching her lest she uses them on
me. It gave me a big laugh about that neighbors' son. I guess he gets to
look more like 'The Sad Sack' after Lucille gets through wit him.
Believe it or not you're letter didn't bore me in the least. Are you
disappointed? ( That's Phycology. You know what I'm expecting now.)
Once again I say au revoir and regards to all. Hugs and kisses to Lucille.
P.S. Just received a letter from Domenick De Carlo. Do you remember him?
He sends his regards.

Free mail
Seattle Wash
Censored July 19, 1945
Dear Jean:
I was so happy to hear about Larry and Frank. I guess there was lots of
excitement going on. Let's hope Frank gets home soon too. I've got my
fingers crossed for Sal too. It's about time, don't you think so?
I'm sorry I didn't remember about Lucille's birthday but you know how it
is . I've been on the move and am still not settled. Let's hope we can
all get together on her next birthday. Trying to hide your age? Be like
me - I go around saying I am still young ( what! Am I old? Tell me when
is a person old. I mean at what age is he or she considered old? Anyway
Happy birthday.
I expected you would be puzzled but there was no way I could tell you I
was in Dominion of Canada at the time. We left by boat and the trip was
just like old times. How did I take it? Pretty good considering I'm an
old Salt hand. Quite a few got sea sick and they were a sight. The rails
were lined up with soldiers. On the way over we saw whales, ducks,
seals, porpoises, and even the old reliable sea-gulls along with us all
the way.
I am now somewhere in the Aleutians and probably you have read a lot
about the weather we get so I'll skip that.
As to what I will be doing you can just guess.
On the island we have lots of facilities for recreation purposes. But as
far as women are concerned, they're as numerous as the trees that grow.
Best regards to all and love to Lucille
As ever
Your friend Tony
P.S. I can't locate a single tree yet and no hopes of finding one either.

Free mail
Seattle Wash
Censored July 29, 1945
Dear Jean:
I've often heard of contrary Annie but never of Jean. That was a good
one about a red letter day. And that style you've acquired is quite
unique, besides enjoying it, I also understood every word of it. Too bad
I can't retaliate. My cencor might take it as a new code. Your letter
took four days to get here The one I sent to the folks was air mail and
that took five days as there wasn't much difference between the two. So
you got the postman against you. That's bad! Better make it up to him.
After all he's the one who brings you or rather who has brought you all
the good news you've been getting . Better tell me all about Sal & Frank
painting the town red or would you rather have me use my own
imagination. Only two or three months before you will see Sal again. I'm
very happy to hear it and I know you are too. Won't he be glad to see
how much Lucille has grown since he last saw her. I can picture both of
you waiting at the window like in Madame Butterfly only with a happier
meeting. Guess I don't believe in paragraphs. Must be I'm trying to save
space. Hope this can be understood.
What did you think of those jiu jutsu tricks that were played on you?
Any broken bones?
So now you're prying into my birthday. Well, I'll give you a hint but
only a small hint. It's two weeks before your husband's and it falls on
Thursday. Also it's the ninth month. Think you can figure it out?
The weather here could get to be just as snafu at times and as for
Summer -- I missed it completely this year. By this time Addie & Pete
have heard that I was on my way over but as yet I haven't written to
them from here. So much correspondence and also I find it harder to
write about things than when I was in the states.
Truthfully my morale isn't too low surprising as it may seem to you --
maybe I'm worried about the dime I'd have to pay you if I gripe. That's
the miser in me showing itself again. Your letter raised it quite a bit.
That dime business really works both ways and is really a good think for
the morale. We should expand our business. Lucille can be treasurer.
What say you to it eh! I'll save that phone number. Who knows maybe some
day as soon as I arrive back ( can such an event really come to pass? )
I'll give you a ring.
Did Lucille really say that? Now I feel much, much better. Give her my
love and kisses.
Thanks for the kind words you send me and may God bless you and yours
and bring you health and happiness. As always
Your sincerest friend
P.S. Enclosed you will find some snapshots. Hope you like them. I
printed them with my ittie bittie hands.

Free mail
Seattle Wash
(typed) Tues. Aug. 28, 1945
Dear Jean:
Finally your letter reached me at my new station but tell what were you
thinking of when you addressed it the way you did the first time? Don't
tell me, I know … L'amour, toujour etc. and don't correct me if I'm
wrong either.
So you take it for granted that you are now a genius eh! When you get to
think that just pull out that old picture where I am frowning an you
will know why. On second thought I won't start something which I might
not be able to finish . Thinking it over I will snap one with a smile
and send it to you soon. I had some taken lately but apparently I'm not
so good a developer after all. Something must of gone wrong. We have
some developing equipment on board the boat and my calculations on the
developing time was mis-calculated. Oh well, I'll try again.
Now don't you be too hard on Sal. After all he was only having some
innocent fun. Wish I were there woo-o-o-o. Don't forget to tell him to
send me one or two. Apparently Garbo's system of Vanting to be Alone,
don't seem to be to good with us boys out here on this island. I got a
big laugh where you said "Sal would dance with a girl and he wouldn't
let her go!"
Bub, the 13th was the eventful day when I first saw the light of day but
there's one thing I'd like to know… what's the big idea of making me
that old eh! After all I'm no older than Sal and a year is a year no
matter how you look at it. Anyway if I'm not as young as you are at
least at least I feel young …. Oh yeah???
Don't worry about the treasurer not making a penny. After all we started
with nothing and can't wery well lose anything. At least we're not in
the red anyway. I am wondering who will slip up first and give in with a
Concerning that rumor which of cause is no longer a rumor but actuality,
had us all sweating it our for a while but now that it has come we are
now looking forward to the day when we can get back home again. At
present it seems like it will take some time yet but then anything can
happen and who knows… maybe it will be sooner than expected.
The food on board this boat is very good. In fact It's better than the
camp food they dish out.
You will notice my new A P O number which is now APO 726. The rest of
the address is the same. They have finally assigned me to a boat and
it's not bad at all . I have only gone to one movie since the past three
weeks because most of these shows I have already see back in the states.
There was one movie I saw "Ernie Pyle's G.I. Joe" which I recommend not
to be missed if possible. It's very sad and ( with your permission )
quite risqué.
The work is quite routine but then I can't speak too much on this
subject. Spent some time fishing but all I caught was some kind of cod
which the claim is not fit to eat. Sometimes you can see them in the
water all fighting to grab at the line.
Started this letter two days ago but had to finish it it today. Didn't
get any letters for quite awhile and then bingo, I go hit the jackpot.
Hope you didn't mind the delay.
Best wishes and love to Lucille. Here's hoping it will be soon when we
can all get together again. As always, I remain
Your sincerest friend
Smiling Tony

{all the errors to the best of my knowledge are Tony's. Sometimes the
computer made changes upper case or lower case and I gave up fighting. I
especially wanted to copy these letters exactly, to give the flavor of
the soldier writing them and the environment of WWII. It has been a trip
through two centuries, yesterday and today, and these letters along with
the Dear Jean letters my father wrote, one surely sees the role the
letter played in the morale of the 'boys' away from home. Their need to
feel connected even through the censorship was the lifeline that gave
them a link with sanity, or should I say a link with the familiar as
they traveled the unknown trying all the time to keep themselves safe.
It is my wish that you have found them as valuable as I and they, these
letters are a gift that enhances your life. And may you never have the
experience first hand.

Dear Friend Christmas 1944


Dear Friend July 10, 1944 - Nov. 2, 1944

Free mail
La Junta CO envelope dated Jul 10, 1944
Dear Jean: Sunday nite
Altho' my letter sounds disconsolate please don't let it fool you. I'm
just getting lazy but most of all tired waiting for this war to end just
like everyone else is waiting too. Nope, no girl as yet and no prospects
in view either.
Now wasn't that one of the best pictures to have come out of Hollywood?
It impressed me so that I'll always remember it for a long time to come.
I can imagine how happy you must be, getting a letter from Sal. From now
on you hear from him quite often. It's good to hear that he's happy at
his job and I hope he stays in England.
Your French sounds good, how about this --- wie iest des wein New York?
Now it's about time you should take that rest, it'll do you good. Too
bad I can't join you.
Pleger after leaving us for Las Vegas , N. M. kept writing to me and now
he shipped out again to St. Joseph, Mo. And the way he talks about that
place it sure is G. I.'s paradise. They have wacs there too and
everything they do, they do together. It's just one bug family out
there. Too bad I couldn't get to go there too. Guess I'm not that lucky.
Frank(Merry) and Emma are going home soon on a furlough and they've got
it all planned out what they're going to do while home.
We went swimming last Sunday. We hitch-hiked it to Rockyford pool which
is quite a ways from here and to get in we had to pay 4 bits. They threw
in the swim trunks for free but you should have seen me in them. What a
scream. They had two sizes, either too large or else too small. Each
time I came out of the water I had to hold on to mine. But we enjoyed
This Tuesday we will go for our semi-annual physical for overseas. Will
let you know how I made out.
So Charlie is soon going to leave this fair land of ours. Well, I wish
him luck on his new venture.
Keep cheerful and remember me to all, best regards to everyone at home from
Your friend

Free mail
La Junta CO Sat. July 30
Dear Jean:
Just got a letter from Sal and he seems to be getting along O.K.
although he couldn't say much in his letter.
I don't think this war will last much longer if only those Russians keep
on rushing towards Berlin. Already they are about 330 miles or so from
Berlin, this is less than the distance from San Francisco to Los
Angeles. When you look at it on that manner it isn't so far from our
That little phrase is something I tried putting together although it
isn't correctly constructed. I've been trying to learn some German while
I can get the chance but I'm afraid I'm not getting very far with it,
the more I learn the more confused I get with that crazy language.
I remember that town Cairo' when Sal and I went upstate abut ten years
ago we passed thru' there. That place brings back memories of my youth,
er, I mean , my golden youth gone by never to return again. Why is it
that we have to grow up for? Can you tell me?
As usual we all went up for our physical and they were passing them like
hot cakes but when they got to me it was thumbs down. I'm still
considered a very poor specimen that nature just added to our mother
earth just to fill up the quota of human beings. All they want out of me
is work and then more work. What an insult to my dignity. Such words
disgust me utterly. I'm the type of fellow that goes fishing and never
puts a bait on his line so his slumber wouldn't be disturbed.
Did I mention about Emma and Frank having gone on Furlough? Well, by
this time they're enjoying themselves; so their mother told me, And also
I heard from Pleger and he too was on furlough and guess what… well, he
got married. I don't remember whether I told you this or not.
All the boys that past the physical had to go for their shots last week.
I looks like they might send some of them across soon. Wasn't I lucky
not to have to take any shots. I sure dread them.
How is Lucille doing and how did your vacation turn out? Did you stay
there longer than you had planned?
Again I am running out of words so I bud you adieu once more with best
of regards to everyone at home and my love to Lucille from
Your friend

No envelope Sept. 14, 1944
Dear Jean:
My trip back was not as tiresome as it was coming over except that I
hated to think that my furlough was over and I'd have to wait another
six months but somehow I feel that it can't be very much longer before
all this will be over and remain only a thing of the past.
I had reserved a seat coming back and when I changed at St. Louis I had
only a half hour wait for my next train. I was lucky to get a seat on
this train and it happened to be next to the bar so you see I had a it
pretty swell coming back. The trip took me only thirty-six hours so that
I got here a day early.
They were all so glad to see me that the Sgt., gave me the lawn mower
and put me to work the very next day. To top it all that Monday I had to
go on K.P. but after being in the army for so log I managed to get
myself an easy job. This week we have a G.I. party, a clean-up party.
The whole field will get a general clean-up and no-one will get off the
base till the job is done.
We had our monthly beer bust last week and we three went to it as we
usually do. In fact Merry and Emma were so glad to see me after more
than six weeks that they were waiting for me with blood in their eyes,
they were still looking for that beer I still owed them and they didn't
intend to allow me to get away with it. So I invited them to the beer
party but still they are not satisfied. I guess I'll give in tonight and
give them their treat. After all I've made them wait long enough for it.
The Camel Caravan was over here and we enjoyed it very much , they sure
put on a good act for the boys. They had a ventriloquist act that can
compete with Charlie McCarthy any day.
Nothing more to say. Hoping you are all well at home, best wishes to all
and my love to Lucille friend
Friend Tony

Free mail
La Junta CO Sept. 29, 1944
Dear Jean:
I was very glad to hear from you and wish to say that all is quiet on
this western front.
I know how hard it is for Sal's letter's to come through so you needn't
worry about it on that score.
Yesterday I heard some wonderful news concerning Emma and Merry. They
both made Corporal. Merry was Pfc. Fro some length of time and was
expecting his Corporal strips for the past two months and now he finally
made them. Emma was a Private and came on this base at the same time
that Merry & I came and they couldn't make him Pfc because there was no
Pfc's to be given out so instead they made him Corporal and are they
both overjoyed. It's going to cost them money too because tomorrow is
pay day and oh boy they better start treating.
My nephew is finally in the Infantry and is now stationed down in
Georgia. He doesn't mind it so much and it is better that way. It's good
to be 18. Don't you think so? If I'm not mistaken it's somebody's
birthday today. Either yours or you husbands so I'm wishing happy
birthday greetings to one of you. Or is it both? What a memory I've got.
Really there isn't much going on here so I'll have to close with best
wishes to you and Lucille and the folks at home from
Your friend

Free mail
Victorville CA envelope dated Nov 2, 1944
Dear jean:
I know you will be surprised to hear from me all the way out in Sunny
California. I was finally transferred last Thursday and on the way over
we passed through the desert. Looks like those places we see in Cowboy
pictures. Arrived here Sat. afternoon but for no beds so we took a
week-end pass. I got a hitch on the base and rode 100 miles to L.A. (Los
Angeles) On the way over we saw beautiful mountain ranges, orange
groves, palms and homes that were very beautiful. In L.A. no rooms were
to be had because it was overcrowded. L.A. is very large and spreads out
for miles and miles right into it's surburbs which look like cities too.
They have wonderful U.S.O.'s all over here and the country is just where
I'd like to make my home. Rode out Sunday to Santa Monica and there I
say the Pacific Ocean for the first time. There's a cliff which drops
off down below to a high way running along the beach for many miles.
Along the beach are bungalows or large homes with Private swimming
pools. All this is like one grand picture. I rode along to Beverley
Hills, etc. and saw movie-star homes. But no actors or actresses. You
should see this place. The homes are even on mountain sides and roads
run up and around these places. Got off in Hollywood and took in a
Broadcast. Saw Fanny Brice as Snookie and enjoyed the whole cast very
much . There is Dan Thomas(He's Dinkle) an Italian and he was very good.
I think he'll get far too. There is really too much to see in so very
short time that I had to get back. I traveled more in two days than I
did in the two years I've been in La Junta. I feel bad about having to
leave because of my friends. But as soon as I readjust myself all over
again I believe I will like it here.
This place is smaller but better situated. We have wacs too but I am
still new here so very little can be said about them. We live in double
deckers with facilities in same. Two movie houses showing same picture
at alternate times and the P.X. is O.K. The restaurant is run like a New
York Café. There is a Chapel here that isn't used so was turned into a
beer hall for enlisted men and wacs only. A two-piece band furnish is
with music while we drink.
I was processed again. Just like coming into the army for the first
time. Am now qualified for overseas duty. Probably will do Guard Duty
here but no K.P. That will be a break.
There isn't much more I can say now. Tell me how are you feeling. Much
better I hope. And Lucille? Hope all is well at home. Have you heard
from Sal yet? I haven't / Charlie wrote from France. Regards to all
Your Friend
(3 cents stamp enclosed)

Free mail
Victorville Calif. Envelope dated Nov 18, 1944
Dear Jean: Friday
Am I surprised to hear from you? Well hi ya stranger. You'll be more
than surprised to get my letter which by this time you have read and
probably envy me just a little. At least for the present, don't. It's a
wee bit cold here and reports show that it get 20 to 30 below zero here.
At the present moment the wind is throwing fits and is kicking that rain
all over the place. Sunny California?? Bah!! With all the bad breaks
you've had and the bad news, you sound more cheerful now. That's good.
You shouldn't allow things to upset you especially in the state you have
been it won't do you any good. But I can sympathize with you because
we're only human and can't (or won't?) help ourselves.
I can imagine how Sal has taken to Paris (or is it the girls?) I don't
think so. Sal Isn't that kind and I know. After all he's married now and
has a wonderful girl(and I'm not going to ask for a quarter either) and
also a beautiful more beautiful little girl> (Am I pouring it on too
thick? - Well I mean it.)
Occationally I worry but my worries are of a different nature, something
I have to figure out for myself.
So you go out gallivanting{every time I try to type the word the way it
is spelt the computer automatically corrects it so gala vantin' is how
Tony spells it, but connect the syllables} eh. Fine; go to it. I wish I
could join you. I always intend to do all the places but somehow I
don't. Why?
Pleger has two more weeks to go and then will be shipped across. I hear
from him once in a while to keep up with our doings.
As for the campaign - - I lost - but somehow I'm glad in a way. I do
Hope things will pick up so that this war will come to a finish. Already
they started with the drive as soon as the elections are over. Do you
think there is anything in this? So I have changed, eh? You bet I have.
I am much older now and feel like many years of my life has been thrown
away. We can never make them up. And the others? Many have lost much,
much too much. Is all this really worth the trouble? Let's hope so. Past
history disproves it. As for the war; it'll be over when peace is
declared. That was pert, wasn't it? Ha! Ha!
The weather man is trying to make it up to us and for awhile the sun is
out and it feels like spring. Hope it keeps up this way.
Today we went over to the Guard House to get out instructions on how to
challenge and conduct ourselves during duty hours. This means that after
three weeks of loafing we may finally get our chance at doing some work
for a change.
I have heard from Frank and John an they're doing O.K. in La junta
altho' they wish they were here too. It would have been swell if they were.
I just got a letter from Sal after a long time and he does act like he's
enjoying Paris. Looks like the government is sure showing us the world
at their expense. As long as he's not in the fighting war zone, it's O.K.
I can't say much more for now and there are plenty of letters to go yet
so I'll close with best regards to all at home and love to Lucille
Your friend