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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ms Miss Mrs...

...gals, ladies, women - whichever title you choose: are you ready? Have you thought about the possibility that isil will invade your land returning us to the thirteenth century. Have you thought about the impact their occupation will do to the rights of women. Are you ready for the return to a life of ignorance without the freedoms of domination. Have you considered what actions you wish to enact to preserve your way of life, or are you just waiting for the men to fight for your rights.

Will you consider a shift in economic opportunity to a life so basic that the time will be spent scrounging for basic necessities. Can you live being covered from head to toe in black. Are you willing to take orders upon pain of death without the right of discussion.

Can you take the time to think about what is worth fighting for, as a woman. What freedoms are you willing to give up. Have you thought about how to protect yourself from an unseen enemy.

Women, what say you, have you taken the steps to protect the rights other women have fought for, for you to enjoy. Think about it now.

The dark ages is a time of ignorance, do you want to live there, do you want your children to exist in an age of fear of the unknown with little chance to learn about the world, the stars, music, art. Will you be satisfied without beauty. Can your eyes forget the sights that enthralled as it gazes into the black world. Can you live without the beauty that has surrounded your days, are you willing to live without, the comforts of the mechanized environment. Will you dream of the knowledge stored on the internet as an unattainable dream as they did before the invention of the printing press.

Are you ready for a mindset of the dark ages where thought is not rewarded, where thought is discouraged, where freedom and independence is the rights of man - with nothing for women.

What is the price you are willing to pay to know tomorrow will be better than today, how much will you sacrifice to be sure that the women who arrive after you have the chances you have or the learning you have or the freedom you have - or will you allow their lives to be prisons of ignorance and domination.

It is now, the time for you to consider your choices and what your future shall be, and theirs. Please do not squander the time in daydreams, assess  you skills and adapt your knowledge to protect what you hold dear, for soon it may not be here.

Saturday, November 14, 2015



isil  is Islamist for coward



isil  is Islamist for COWARD

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Not Just Oregon/Umpqua

Every political person running for office is jumping on the bandwagon looking for someone to blame for the violence and mass shootings. And of course their statements are as outlandish as saying that the flooding in South Carolina is because they rehung the Confederate Flag at the capital.

No one is willing to take responsibility for the false statements made by government agencies, senators, representatives, advertising, manufacturing, law enforcement, religious leaders and everyone else who has access to the public media.

The people are tired of being betrayed by all the lies, like HAL, the computer in the movie 2001, the people are revolting. The betrayal is so widespread there is difficulty for some to address any particular individual.

The chaos caused by false statements is a whiplash effect, a fierce rapid explosion of anger and rage.

There is no one to trust, nothing to put faith in, no leader to follow. The president misspeaks with a smile on his face, a democratic candidate running for president repeatedly claims innocence for wrongdoing with breaches of national security.

Corporations in every industry manufacture shoddy products that do not live up to their advertising claims, nor give value for the dollars spent.

The do not call list for privacy in the home does not apply to political parties, or charities, just because you do not want to be disturbed is no reason for them not to call you to beg for your support and money.

There is a 'news' channel on cable that claims to be fair and balanced while being skewed to the right and easy to judge any actions done by the left as detrimental to the American People, while lauding the efforts of the right wing religious community.

A Republican who is running for President demeans women, insults opponents and brags about all the jobs he has created, stating that he never filed for bankruptcy yet is the CEO of three companies which did file. Praising all the money he has made without acknowledging all the creditors who lost money by these defaults. It is not the idea that filing bankruptcy is an evil it is often a fact of doing business, but saying he never filed is an untruth that corrupts the American Language, as they guy who did not have sexual relations with 'that woman'. Depending upon what your definition of IS, is.

There is a cable channel that brags to viewers that there is never any advertising on the channel, while they try to sell you, copies of movies they own, and subscriptions to programming they produce. Is there something  with the definition of Advertising that the dictionary does not cover. Is not selling, advertising.

Some of the Religions are being forceful in their dogma demanding that their laws be applied to all, whether or not they believe or follow those laws. Religion is demanding that Government follow its rules. Christians want their crosses and ten commandments in prominence and Mosques to disappear. Some Religions claim their laws are the real true words from a god they say exists because their founders say it is true. how can they all have the right Religion when the laws they follow are not the same, and they claim there is only one god. If you will notice, all these Religions have been started by men, and they end their prayers(which are entreaties to their gods to show favor upon them, for a baseball game, to games of chance, and sunshine for their annual picnic) and they end their entreaties in praise of men, AMEN, with no mention of AWOMEN. And all these institutions in America receive financial aid in the form of no taxation.

Charities too, can not be left out of this gigantic equation, they beg for money and when they do receive a stipend from some generous individual they repay their kindness by selling the donors information to other charities to bombard the mailboxes to beg for alms.

And the all favorite, "your call is important to us......", if it were so, someone would answer the phone. Option One, you bought the product we sold, too bad for you it does not work. Option two, "someone will be with you shortly..." so while you are holding on have your lunch and dinner, might as well take a nap. Option three, "visit us online for quick answers to common questions..." We made something right away to sell, but we never bothered to have any quality control measures in place because we want to take your money right away and we don't care if it takes us six months or more to give you some satisfaction. By the way, we no longer make any of our products on U.S. soil because we can avoid all the workplace safety laws made in America because we don't care about any third world worker citizens who die in workplace fires or explosions since we buy their products for pennies and sell them to Americans for dollars and we lock in a hefty profit.

But no, it is the fault of females who have abortions that these people decide to kill in frustration and anger, it is not the fault of the man in this meeting, it is her fault because she is showing little interest in human life, and the single female household, cool, for this election they can not play the race card so instead let's play the gender card. Real wages buying power has nothing to do with it. We are returning to the everyone in the household must work for families to survive so we can complain about non parental supervision. And of course big government has no culpability in this either, big brother is taking care of us by making rules and regulations that must have paperwork filed to prove compliance. This consumer driven economy is no longer in existence, it is big Government, and, big Corporations, remember the Tennessee Ernie Ford song, 'Sixteen Tons', Saint Peter don't you call me cause I can't come, I owe my soul to the company store, or is it the Insurance company.

And of course, no of these individuals at any of these institutions are ever held accountable for any wrongdoing, companies get fined for wrong doing and the money goes to the government, the consumer never is reimbursed in these lawsuits, or eminent domain takes from the consumer for the common good of the corporations and government.

Yet it is the shooters fault for this breach of etiquette, the shooter is responsible for some self control, the shooter is crazy, youbetyourlifetheshooteriscrazy, along with a lot of other  citizens who have been betrayed by the lies that are not really lies depending upon your definition of the word, lie.

And like HAL, we are reacting with a burst of violence, like the dams in South Carolina, the bounty of lies is producing a mutiny, and nobody really cares as long as they are not in the flood plane, it is just business as usual.

Monday, September 21, 2015

SOLUTIONS FOR AMERICA, aka, how to fix the system

Although the immigrant population in America is an uncounted group, there is an estimate of eleven million people undocumented, the shadow people whom we are told, some of which have been here for more than ten years, or is it, twenty-five, no matter, these persons have been employed by someone.

Many of us remember years ago, the complaints of these low wage earners not paying taxes, this same argument is heard today. Talk of deporting them, forgiving them, and including them is loud now with the election candidates speaking forcefully about their ideas, some think they can collect back taxes as a way to amnesty.

While it is easy to dream of all the back taxes they have not paid and how those sums will reduce the debt it is just folly. 

Punishment for breaking the law is another demand by some, who so easily forget all the corporations and individuals who hired this cheap labor and those who bought the products produced by the same, including government officials, who have sworn to uphold the law. But, nay, not punish them, just the people living, barely existing. Paraphrasing a quote from Lady Chatterely's lover,  "after the fair, the masters beat the slaves, the slaves beat the cattle, and the cattle went into the field to cry." 

If there is anyone serious about resolving this situation here is a possible solution:

Allow all these persons who have been living and working in the USA as illegal immigrants, to come forward and present proof of domicile and employment. Finger print these persons and verify that there have been no legal issues about them. Give them employment permits and add them to the tax roles. Anyone falsifying documents will be deported immediately. And if they choose they may begin the process of applying for citizenship. They will have the  opportunity to begin new lives as new members of the American community, instead of criminals.

This is not amnesty, we all are responsible for this situation, we all have allowed and taken advantage of their circumstances, we are now stating that it is time to wash the slate clean for all of us and begin anew as neighbors.

This move to acknowledge these persons is the time to revamp the tax code. If ten percent of this population is wage earning that would add more than one million to the tax roles, enough to offset a reduction in the tax rate, at the same time reducing the need for some government employees, by reducing the complexity or complications of paying taxes. Or, it will be a temporary shift in employment from tax collectors to registrars for employment permits.

Once these tax collector roles have been reduced there is ample work for all rebuilding American infrastructure as FDR employed during his administration.

Corporate tax should be eliminated from the Federal level, or all together. The consumer is the entity that eventually pays the tax anyway. Corporations make products to be sold in our Consumer Driven Economy, the consumer is the wage earner who spends dollars fueling the economic health of the nation. But first this wage earner pays an income tax and gives the government a share of their earnings, then the go to the store and pay a sales tax to the government, further sharing their income with the government, then the company that manufactures the product the consumer buys pays corporate tax to the government but increases the cost of the product they manufacture and sell to the wage earner, here alone is a triple tax on a wage earners income.

To further erode the income of the wage earner, corporations sell inferior products which immediately need repair or are beyond repair. For example: the new car the wage earner purchased has three factory recalls within the first year of ownership. These recalls either cost the wage earner, vacation time, wages, or the use of the vehicle altogether. Or the laptop that must be returned in the first month because of repeated overheating. The pressure washer that leaks, the tool that breaks first time it is used. The clothing that disintegrates after first washing. The oven, not ten years old needing repair but the company no longer makes the part, so the wage earner needs to buy a new oven. The lawn mower with a brake handle made from plastic, which of course will not last as long as the machine, but now can only be driven on flat ground. How about the latest software, when downloaded is, neither supported by the computer manufacturer and must be un-installed and an old version reinstalled but the software manufacturer has also deleted all supporting software by other vendors and must be reloaded also, and all the wage earners individual settings have been deleted and must be reestablished. And when you call the vendor or try to contact them on their website they are experiencing heavy volume.
More of the wage earners time is being expended with no recompense. There is no longer a quality control department in these companies or if there is they are all sleeping. Make anything to sell is the corporate mantra, false advertising will help us get rid of this junk. But corporations beware, the wage earner will again vote with their dollars and some of you will be looking for jobs. And if you want to avoid that predicament consider making a quality product and reduce your income until that goal is achieved. There is no longer the economies of scale if the scarce resources are being squandered enmasse producing unusable products.

Next is medical insurance, mandatory for all except congress. The simplest way to fix this mess is to have congress, including, the president and justices, all become enrolled in the same system as the rest of us and then we will see change. 

About Planned Parenthood or Abortion: If the Government of these United States is adamant about forcing fetuses to be bred in hostile environments (the female who has used faulty birth control products or methods or erred in cycle calculations and becomes pregnant and does not want to reproduce) then the government should in all fairness bare the burden of supporting this female and issue. The government should be responsible for the education, shelter, food and clothing until this issue becomes self supporting. The woman forced into breeding against her will should also be compensated by the government for her time and inconvenience at a rate more than double the hourly wage for the twenty-four hour work day until the issue is no longer in her charge, since she is being forcibly imprisoned in her own body.

Finally, marriage. Since roughly fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce, why would anyone want to deny two persons from trying their luck at this sacred institution. Probably because some do not want others to share in the economic advantages. What would happen if there were no economic advantages to being married. If two people want to commit to each other let them, and if they want to love and cherish some other marriages throw away baby, why not let them. Unwanted children have needs beyond the norm. From being rejected in the womb to being unwanted in the home, the sociopaths of the future, why not let these person who want to commit to each other have the opportunity to reverse the rejection and hopefully raise healthy members of society. In the old days, marriage was a way for fathers to get rid of their unwanted daughters, household burdens. When two people commit to each other there is the potential for happiness and the more happiness there is in this world the more cooperation in using all the scarce resources to benefit the population of the planet.

And since the world is overpopulated with unemployed there is only one course if these errors are not corrected, WWIII is in the wings, consider this, if all the unemployed had jobs, would they be still willing to go to war, if they had the opportunity for economic advancement would they still be willing to blow themselves up and others with them.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Baseball

So, baseball's bosses have made a large error today. Instead of postponing the game scheduled today at Baltimore they will play without the fans in the bleachers. They have penalized all the fans who have tickets and made plans like taking a day off from work, because they are afraid, but not enough fear to cancel the game.

The Symphony is giving a free concert for the people of Baltimore, hooray for you folks, that is a great way to fight fire with fire. Smart too, some soothing music to quell the anger, Thank you.

Back to baseball. It is the fans who pay to build the field, it is the fans who pay to watch the players, and it is the fans who buy all the jerseys, hats, tee shirts and jackets.

 So why did the team not go to the area and spend time with the people with those who spend their time and money making them richer. Why didn't other teams come to Baltimore and spend time with the people of Baltimore.

Why didn't baseball do something special for the City of Baltimore. Like maybe make the game free. There is enough strife and baseball added to the more.

Baseball is supposedly America's greatest game but it seems only to be filled with America's greatest chickens.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


   The Farmer returned home with three tiny baby squirrels tucked in his shirt pocket, up near his heart. The squirrels had fallen from their nest in a tree. The Farmer and his wife, gave them some milk and put them in a box with a blanket in the basement. The squirrels did not survive.

   A Bartender came home after work one evening with a puppy in his raincoat pocket, a gift for his son. The Bartender's wife would not let them keep the puppy.

   After her mother had died, her Daughter put her mother's ashes in her jacket pocket and sprinkled some of the ashes at her mothers favorite places around town.