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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shooting for the moon

     A soft spoken demeanor, a quiet voice a gentle subtle style, the dream of being the best sales person, the successful orator who can convince and cajole into submission the unsuspecting buyer. The salesperson extraordinaire who can give every useless item a winning personality that everyone must have. The knives with handles that break with blades sharp as steel to cut anything. The retirement home near the waterfront with no roads or amenities. The bible with type no one can read. The car with low mileage, the gas guzzler with the bad transmission. The salesperson who tells you everything you want to hear. The person who reads your mind. The contractor who will roof your house and remove all the debris while replacing windows all at a discount while you pay fifty percent in advance for materials and then disappears, never to be seen.
We all want to be able to communicate successfully with a winning smile and new suit to boot. And when we try to sell an idea and it fails we can not figure out why. What makes a good salesperson. How is someone able to be so smooth as to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. What is stopping the rest of us from being able to communicate successfully.

   Information is a tool to success, knowing storing and retrieving information is an art and skill we wish for. We wish for the little grey cells to magically produce reams of valuable information that we may share with anyone and everyone we wish to impress inform and induce to comply with needs and wishes, granting us the favors we want right now.

   When we don't get what we want we think about our choices and how we want to react to this disappointment. Reacting and or not reacting is the first decision. Whether we want to show emotion reflecting disappointment anger resentment or something resembling rage. When the decision whether or not to show emotion has been made the next decision is whether or not to act upon it. Here the mature adult reflects carefully while the immature adult responds instantly with violent disdain. Not getting what you want is accepted by some who them consider setting a new goal to strive for. The person who gives up trying, by some is considered a failure. The person who is satisfied with what they have and wants no more is the oddity. Satisfaction is almost an unachievable. The right to pursue happiness may appear to be the mouse in the maze looking for the cheese that is not there. We all have the Right to strive for happiness, there is nothing written that says we have the Right to happiness. That is something we must manufacture for ourselves. We as individuals must look within ourselves to discover who we are and what we need to satisfy. There are rules written that state what will make us happy. There are places to go to seek happiness. There are things, to make us happy. There are people who do nothing else but tell us what it is exactly that they have that we need immediately to satisfy our wants and needs to be happy for Only...

   The fast talkers convince us and we buy the  complete package at the discounted price and we are happy completely until we discover we don't need, have no place for, nor use for, nor money for, what we are now the proud owner of. Every day we buy something we do not need and our need to buy and our ability to buy makes us warm inside. We have bought into the idea that our ability to buy something useless gives us self worth.

And we need time

to think about our selves, and what We who we are, really and truly need to make ourselves happy. And then if we are the lucky ones we may pursue successfully our goal.

And if we are not the lucky ones we either live in unhappiness or find something we can achieve and let the goal and achievement bring us happiness. Shooting for the moon and getting a mud pie can be satisfying.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts

An easy way to be happy is to train yourself to think happy thoughts.
It is a very rule to follow.
It is contrary to all training and must be practiced every day as many times as possible.

To always think the worst is a common training habit and one that creates sadness.
To begin the regime think about something funny that makes you laugh.
Remember that joke and repeat it to yourself often enough until you feel the benefits of
laughter and happiness.
Once you enjoy the benefits you begin to grow the habit of making yourself happy.

Terrible things will always happen.
Terrible things will help to make you feel awful,
Happy thoughts will help to counter the effects thereby reducing the damage of chaos,
and evil.
When terrible things pop up in your life let them sit alongside the happy thoughts.
See that it is possible to endure the worst and at the same time think the best.

Your face will feel better.
Your face will feel lighter and your cheeks will begin to rise and the muscles in your face will grow in strength.

And you will take on a whole new character.
The trick is to not let someone change the happy thought attitude that you have adopted.
You feel better and you like feeling better, so don't let anyone get in your way.

When you practice every day thinking happy thoughts, it will become second nature and easier and easier each day. To finally people will begin to notice a difference in you that they like and makes them smile,
and every time they see you they too will smile, and be happy too.

It is, thinking happy thoughts, a nicer disease than being miserable.
Miserable is a lousy way to spend your life.
Everyone is as you, struggling, and everyone doesn't walk around with long miserable faces.
You don't have to either.
All you need to do is to choose to think happy thoughts.
And you WILL have a nicer day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good weather

Good weather with the sun shining to warm the bones is always something to improve the attitude. Whether  feeling sorry for yourself or lonely, sunshine makes the heart feel better.

Today is a sun day filled with sunshine and strong winds. The gusts are so powerful their sound billows through the windows. The impression of everything flying through the air gives caution.
Heed the sound of the wind, wonder if there be need to seek shelter.

The sun is shining, all is well.
The wind continues to blow.
The danger seems less with the yellow sky.

Today is a day for rest, choose some work to do but rest.
Rest is a state of mind, even if the body is moving.
Rest is the absence of stress,
tomorrow is the time to worry about the 'rest'.

Sometimes trust
that all will work out
even if no solution is in sight
and do your best
let life take care of the rest
today is a day for rest.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sadness sets in after overeating and bloat
can someone be hungry?

the full stomach does not believe the empty one is a phrase my dad always said
he never explained it
he would simply quote the saying
letting us stew about it

the holidays reinforce
the haves and the have nots

the celebrating season begins and we feast and gather with those who are close to us
the bounty fills the cornicopia while the hearth warms the skin

we sit at a table filled
again the unconscious enters with thoughts
of the less fortunate
we give thanks for our bounty and sample all of it

a day of feasting celebrating our good fortune and bounty
like counting our money and spending some of it because we have it

of course, the pilgrims celebrated the passing of hardship
the struggle to cross the pond
build a new abode
and provide for the future

some people have hardship all their lives
some people have hunger all their lives
some people have want all their lives

here there is much to be grateful for, for most of us
with hard times looming
slow growth and lack of opportunity
we will be tested as a nation
our land of haves will shrink
and our resolve will be tried
we will see if our land of plenty has prepared us for perhaps a land of less
most assuredly a land of more competition for limited resources
can we as a nation build a new nation with less chaos and more community
we shall se

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Holidays are upon us...

and we are filled with emotion
we unconsciously refelect upon the past and impose yesterday on today
we see faces of parents and relatives, the way they were
we see the circumstances of their lives today and we cry for the loss of yesterday
the mind adapts to change yet it does not let go of the past
the mind stores the past and plays it for us at unsuspecting moments
suprising us into emotion
the body overcome, breaks down and weeps
the mind is in control without our permission or knowledge
the memory of yesterday
gone forever except in the storage files of our mind
the old people before us, we see as young and cry for the old
the helpless who - helped us
the lonely - who never left us alone
our lives enmeshed with theirs
yet we must stand alone
we can not care for our parents
we can not tend to their needs
we can only watch them grow old
we hold their hand and stroke their cheek
we watch as they grow old
and we remember the holidays past
as we sit in today
preparing for tomorrow

Ciao - an essay on life

we all live it
we share moments and memories and carry on daily activities
as though we shall live forever

We choose
we discard
we carry on

life - with all it's treasures

without it we do not exist - maybe  we are really only time
all we have is time
how we spend it is the measure of a life worth living
making mistakes
make you a better person if you learn from your mistakes
we all make mistakes , millions of them
we must live with them and accept them
to err is human-someone said
to err grossly is a big mistake sometimes one that can not be corrected or forgiven
that is a problem!
we all hope we do not make errors that will prevent us from living our lives as we choose or have the opportunity to pursue
And then we carry on
Everybody makes mistakes, time moves too fast for us to respond correctly all the time
we instantly make choices
we laugh at our foolishness
we move on, and on and on

Each life is filled with surprises at every turn
some not so pretty
our only choice
is to carry on and do our best
and maybe the world will give us reason to smile once in a while