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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


There are some rules that are worth remembering
for instance
a stitch in time saves nine
 which means, repair the cloth before it needs more stitches to repair it
keep it simple stupid
the simpler the operation the less can go wrong
sometimes always never
when forming an opinion as to the outcome of an event
it is always safer to consider that the same outcome
sometimes will occur
never will occur
and always will occur
Preparinging onesself for all variables is preferable
therefore there will be no disappointment
disappointment is a very sad event
and should always be avoided
and will sometimes be the inevitable
many times disappointment will always occur
no matter what preparation
no matter how prepared
no matter how many obstacles are removed
the disappointment of the outcome of an event
is preferable
to the disappointment of
doing ones best at all times
will on some occasion produce the desired result
will on all occasions produce the desired result
will on no occasion produce the desired result
you did your best
and still you lose
you did your best
self respest is intact
giving forth the energy to
pick onesself up
to start all over again
every day he shined his shoes
and went to work
except one day
he was too tired busy lazy
the next day
the boss happened to notice
his shoes were not shined
and he was passed over
for a raise
of course
he worked in a shoe store.
rules are made to be broken
do this do that
the only rule
we like
are the rules we make
not the rules we must follow
when estabilishing a code of behavior
we form habits
   sucking a thumb
 in early childhood
which we bring with us through our lives
sometimes we see these nuances of self
as detremental
and with persistance
we correct the unwanted behavior
a teacher notices and persists in persuading
us to adapt to their preference
we are always adapting to someones rules
whether we like it or not
has a funny way of bringing us to today
not as we have begun
but mostly as others would like us to be
and we are rewarded thusly
sometimes we do not adapt
or they never choose to reward us
or they always never sometimes see we are there.
we sometimes always never
or not at all.
we are pleased with ourselves
at the way in which we mould to others directions
sometimes we are pleased
that we do not mould to others directions
sometimes we are pleased
with ourselves
that we never
what others choose as our direction
we never sometimes always
for what others say
as to what we ought or must do
and we simply
allow them to say whatever they wish
and we simply ignore whatever they say
so we always
we did it our way.
and what
does that get us.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Do you ever have a time when there is nothing rolling through your mind
When you try to have a thought and the brain is basically shut down
where nothing flows, no matter how hard you try to force it, there is
nothing going on with the "little grey cells"
You begin to think of topics like The economy, evolution, compatibility,
equality, anxiety, obesity, ecommerce, dogs, cats, music,
in an attempt to stir the wheels to turn, then you think of another word,
and the ball begins to roll
Why is it NOW that they have begun to increase fuel economy,
why has it taken so long
or why have they done it now and not before
why was it never an issue
was it more important to come up with new colors or new models or new gadgets to add
why has the automotive industry finally at this time been able to achieve 35mi./gal.
If the automotive engine is an inefficient machine, how come they finally
have made it better, how did they make it better, what could they have
changed to increase efficiency
The last time there was any improvement it was the cylinder design
by Honda
When the Europeans discovered the new world the sent their ships
to cut down the trees for fuel and building materials because they
had used up all of their own
Can someone please figure out how to use ordinary rocks for fuel
oh, yes they already have done that
By putting rocks in with the combustible materials they are able
to extend the heating ability of the fire
Newspaper is a good insulator, In the 1940's newspaper was used
as insulation in home building,
Vagrants, or homeless individuals are often seen using newspaper
as blankets, Pretty soon, maybe there will be no more printed newspapers,
with the new generation that has grown with the computer as the  answer to
every question, Newspapers may be collectible items of value, a thing of the past.
The automobile, as produced by Ford, has change the way we live on the planet
Henry Ford invented the assembly line, therefore creating the dumbing down of
Before Henry's invention, Auto builders worked on building the whole machine
thus not having the repetitive injuries of the assembly line
Also, generations past were more educated, pick up any old math book dated
before the assembly line and see if you can solve a problem in the book
Independence is gone
we are now all connected for better or for worse, or should it be said, for better
AND for worse
Privacy is gone
everyone knows or can find out anything they want to know about you
Not that you have anything to hide
It is just that a little mystery is good for relationships
Knowledge is a wonderful thing
learning something new is grand
In the old days, only the priveledged few were given the honor of learning anything
then the invention of the printing press made knowledge available to the masses
and then the war of competition began, or, really expanded, instead of just fighting
for land and love
we know have seen the fight to be the first in space
the first to dive to the bottom of the ocean
all the little toys we accumulate and treasure
a music box
a baseball
ballet shoes
first it was rubber, then it was plastic
petroleum jelly
the ballpoint pen
the pencil
the little luxuries we take for granted
we do not want to simplify our lives
we want everything
right now
and are we willing to pay the price.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Someone who called into a talk show
asked the question
"Were they, the government, not fixing
the problems with the economy, because
the president was black?"

Is there any other goood excuse for them not to fix the problem?
Democrats don't want Republicans to succeed
Republicans don't want Democrats to succeed
So the people pay for their competition

There are ways for them to agree
There are ways for them to win
There are ways for us to get some relief
It only takes one
to stand up
and be counted

Without government intervention we can change the course
of the way things are going

It does not look good
But it can be done

Even if we had  a government holiday
furloughing government workers one day a week for the rest of the year
would save us a couple of bucks
and make the government employees appreciate their jobs
therefore, giving them the impetus to perform

But of course that will not happen
The president will roll out a plan finally,
after labor day
in the mean time
he has done little to abate the problems

I did not vote for the guy
and I did wish him well when he was elected
I even sent him an email telling him what I think
had to be done to fix things

So, I am pro the people and support whomever is in power
if they do good for the people

There is corruption in government
and there can be good done
So, I did stand up to be counted
when it seemed my voice needed to be counted

now the new phenomenon of teens on a rampage
is a bit more serious
than having no money.

In the 1960's and 1970's the kids acted out by graffitti-ing
everything in their path.
It was obvious that they were yelling for help.
But no one was listening.
They just received punishment instead of attention.

Now, these kids see everyone stealing and cheating
and they want their share

The rule of law
is obviously
by those in power
and it is reported every day

So why can't they follow in their footsteps

We have lost the rule of law
and we want it back
and we have no idea how to get it back

for all the next elections
elect those individuals who
respect the rule of law

I am not speaking about religion
just the law of the land
and make it enforceable for everyone
not just blacks

Maybe even consider
legalizing drugs
to break the control of the drug cartels
(because illegal drugs are very expensive)
and of course tax them
and then they still will be cheaper than now

But the powers that be
the alcohol companies do not want the competition
beer and booze and cigarettes rule

And the drug enforcement agencies and the jails
would then have to find new jobs

What say you

Fw: fox tv circus

They even have a judge as a barker
a man of knowledge
reduced to throwing out hooks
in an effort to keep the audience
fox tv simply wants to demean their employees
the fox circus
with acts
instead of information
Rupert is a jerk
he is waisting talent
forcing them to act like trained dogs
barking come ons
they look like fools
they act like fools
therefore they must be fools
To eat
some people will do anything
fox tv with more commercials than news or commentary
and fools laughing at jokes that are not funny
clowns parading as reporters
dancing to the melody
make a fool of me
make a fool of me

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Weatherwise, it has been a  pretty awful year
here in Missouri

The winter was brutally cold
with unusually heavy snow, ice, and below zero temperatures
for long peroids of time

Keeping warm was the biggest concern, counting the gallons of fuel
as they went up in smoke
Then watching the electric meter spin like a top
Then worrying that the power would go out because the wires were frozen
and would snap from the cold

Then the spring, with the unusually wet atmosphere, flodding everything
And the clouds blocking the sun
that could have warmed the seeds that were not washed away
Then the heat, oppressive
The sun made up for the weeks of rain
and burned the crops that did sprout, and parched the land
It was so hot for so long that the leaves on the trees began to wilt and fall to the ground

This year went from winter into summer,
from cold to hot
with no relief in between

Whatever money there was, has been spent to heat or to cool
No crops put up for winter
No berries no other fruit

This will be a lean winter
The likes we have not seen
Since childhood

This will be the winter to remember
The winter of our discontent
The winter of our trials
The winter of our test

We know it will be difficult
the cubboards are nearly bare
the is no wood for the fire
the days will be shorter
the nights they will be longer
maybe the sun will shine
maybe the snow will fall
maybe the wind will howl
maybe the ice and the wind and the cold
will visit again this winter
as it did last fall
come the end of December
we will watch as the days grow long
And we will look to the spring
as better than the last one