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Friday, May 27, 2011


Prior to GWB it was the practice of the television news to show the arrival
of the fallen
Those who have met their end in service to their country
on foreign soil
The arrival of their flag draped coffins from the cargo hole of planes
carried with solmenity by their comrades in arms
through the portal of soldiers at attention
Watched by millions
as they stop their lives
to pay their respects
and ponder the lives
of those who have sacrificed
everything for what is
the freedom of the nation
For the few minutes the stars and stripes in horizontal
the minds of Americans would travel to the place of conflict
and imagine what transpired
For the moment thoughts would linger over all past battles
and all the fallen in defense of the country and the prices paid
for that which we still have
And all thank the fallen and mourn their loss and grieve for their
It was a time of unity, the nation grieved as one, the pain felt by all
personal painful and real
Every living room a funeral parlor with the smell of flowers and death
The time when all would recognize the the expense of the conflict
the reality of war
Now after GWB the news simply reports ten dead, five dead
and the news continues
with no time for thought
at what we do

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It seems as thought the world is weeping
rain pouring down the Mississippi
into Louisiana
that lowly state in America
where the Army Corps of Engineers aka the US Government
is openning the flood gates, washing away farmlands in
to save more populated areas.
They are also offering free therapy sessions so the people could
feel happy.

They flood your crops, wash away your lifes investment
and then offer free therapy to feel good.

There has been no mention about paying them for their land
and investments, they simply erase, by their choice, someone's existence, like eminent domain. "Hey lets flood Louisiana, that will change the landscape, new shorelines."

The US Government is the new "BIG BUSINESS" in the world, they are taking over everything, mandating how lives are lived and lost, telling us what we can eat, where we can live, and how we can live. The US government is no longer protecting the people it is in fact ordering the lives and demanding how the world shall exist.

There is no longer any illusion of freedom. Ethanol has raised the cost of food to luxury prices, America seems to be getting even with the Oil producing countries for not supplying cheap oil to America. They say it is to make America energy independent but that is not really the case, since ethanol puts water into auto engines producing poor performance and the need for additives to eliminate the H2O from the fuel.

And now to make peace with the oil producing Arab countries, Mr Obama is changing his allegiance with Israel, shifting his support.

Deals are being made, lines are being drawn and the die is cast.
And the world weeps.
Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis
the forces of the collective unhappiness
temper tantrums
of the masses
"the tremor in the force"
the fear and greed with the ignorance and want,
channeling the frustration, anger, disapointment, disillusionment, and unhappiness into an energy so strong that it moves mountains.

The people are only ruled by their choice,
they only allow themselves to be ruled
and when the rulers are unfair, unkind, unjust
the people revolt

The revolution has begun and is flowing across the shores
from land to land
and there will be change
and there will be pain
and there will be a new order
and things will be the same

there will always be those who win and those who lose
and the best you can do
is to try to win
and not alienate anyone on the way

for as they say
you meet them on the way up the ladder of success
and on the way down the ladder of success.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

We, the United Stated of America, killed Osama Bin Laden, of which I am responsible. It is my country, these are my people and I must accept responsibility for those acting on my behalf.

And I do not necessarily agree or condone what has occurred.

Assuming: Osama Bin Laden is guilty of everything he has taken credit for and has been given credit for.
The question still arises, why in fact, did they kill him, without his American day in court.

America advertises its love of the letter of the law, and the laws on which the nation was founded.
Then WHY
* why did they lie about how he died
  first they said he died in battle
then they changed the story stating that he was unarmed

* why did they deem it necessary to kill him without letting the world see that he was a prisoner

* why did they make the choice to kill someone without arms to defend themself

* why if it took ten years to find him, where they in such a hurry to eliminate him.

There are more unanswered questions and confusion than when he was alive.

Revenge and fear, perhaps the motivation
The act seems to be a vigilanty group, taking the law into their own hands, judge and jury.

Why did they do it?
It seems more like someone trying to hide something, rather than protection.

They hunted the man for ten years, three thousand six hundred fifty days plus the days for the leap years, did they have a deadline that they had to meet in order to get paid.

I don't know how you feel about all of this, maybe you don't know either, but it seems to me that there is something going on that we don't know about. Something is being hidden from us, about this whole affair.

Consider the fact, that the US was warned repeatedly about attacks on the World Trade Center AND the 'intelligence' was disregarded.

Somewhere there is information about the attack on Pearl Harbor was not a suprise but the excuse the US needed to enter the war. That the powers to be permitted the attack.

There is more to this, there is more than governments involvement, there is even more than OIL. Unless OIL is in fact the deciding. Perhaps OBL made someone in one of the oil producing countries angry and we are doing their bidding. How did they find this guy, finally?

These guys are supposed to be good at what they do, how did he elude them?
Even though we are unfamiliar with that part of the world there are people who know the lands intimately. Something smells about the whole thing, from the bombing of the towers, to the killing of OBL.

The twin towers on any average day had one hundred thousand people working in each tower, and there were train links and stations in the basement and underground shopping malls, cities below ground leading to the towers, and only three thousand people died. I can't believe they were that lucky 0.015% of the average daily population without the many tourists wandering there.

Maybe in my lifetime the truth will come out, in the mean time, I continue to doubt the morality and judgement in killing OBL without his American day in court.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

then them

all the things you want it to be
when you want it to be

then there is the cumulative affect
years of consuming in excess
produce ugly effects
that tip the scale over the edge
no matter who you are
there is a negative effect to excess
of anything

excess red meat - gout
excess sugar - cavities and diabetes
excess carrots - turning orange
excess tobacco - cancer & emphysema
excess fruit - the runs
excess nuts - oily skin
excess salt - dry skin

but excess alcohol
effects them and you

Dr J & Mr Hyde is probably
about drinking alcohol
and how it changes a personality
and how the changes affect other persons

but the excess drinker does not believe
the changes as told to them by others

In the USA drunk and disorderly is a crime
yet, it can not effectively be regulated
without prison time
and alcoholism is considered a disease
and alcoholics are punished for their 'disease'

Perhaps it is only fitting that they, the alcoholics
are punished for their disease
because all other diseased persons are equally punished

the slow of mind do not earn high salaries
the physically disabled have not the same access as the able
the emotionally challenged are sedated, incarcerated, separated, isolated
and berated

the bald and the hairy are laughed at
the short and tall are stared at
the old are discarded
the young abused

the aggressive, rewarded
the regressive, pitied

the ugly - of mind, of body, and of soul
are so ugly they control

the beautiful - we want to control