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Sunday, October 14, 2012

It is summer in autumn or is it spring
there is a second blooming for the flowers
they think it is spring, they have finally had a long drink

The leaves that have not fallen from the drought
are red orange brown yellow and green with patches of red

It is autumn at the top of the garden
the trees are acting as they should
pumpkins have appeared at the stores
with the mums they bring cheer

Ladybugs(beetles) hug the windows
waiting for a chance to come in
to rest to go dormant
to wait for the next spring

The flutter of their wings make them easy to spot
as they approach their landing
close to the warmth

Chimes hum with the breeze that rustles the leaves
an echo of ommmmmmmm
singing praise to the puffy white clouds
the tufts of cotton sitting in the sea of blue
the palest of blue
a soft fabric of sky
giving smile to the eye

All is peaceful and calm
save for the rustling of the leaves
and again behind is the tic of the clock
the reminder of time
the time that was not there
before the sound touched the ear
only the chime, the leaves rustling
and a single bird chirping near

The branches of the trees are waving
farewell adieu
hugging the sun
which will soon disappear

A sunday in autumn
peaceful and calm
a sun day with the leaves
to soon disappear

happy sun day
happy cheer
a peaceful calm day
over here
I hope it is the same
over there.

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