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Friday, November 30, 2012


 Well this is the beginning of the 'dying time'. Already we have heard of one death and await the notice of the other two, since they usually occur in threes. The mood is sombre. It is also a good thing that it is the time of celebration. Guess the founding fathers, tsk tsk, thought of everything. Keep people celebrating so they can weather the storm. In the darkness of winter, find a good excuse to celebrate. If it rains celebrate, if it does not rain celebrate.

  Someone suggested a special thank you for care givers. Thank you to all of you who care for someone. You make their lives less lonely and give them reason to smile. Since they are unable to make it on their own, they feel that they are burdens, the less you make them feel as though they are the weight of the world the more they will be able to feel good about themselves. Yes, we know it is a tireless endeavor but it gives the community a sense of oneness. It connects us all by the care we share.

  Death may not be really a finality, it may just be that they no longer are able to speak to us. They may be here watching and have no voice. That would be a kicker. That would be total helplessness, being here with us unable to effect any change.  Maybe that is why they call it hell.

  We all think about death, our own. It is the end of the body, we have not idea what happens to the mind. Religions make up their own ideas as to what will happen, like the virgins who will service the warriors of Islam. That is a really good sales pitch for young men at puberity. It gives their mind something to distract them while they blow up somebody else. Like the crusades of old, there are promises of rewards. And sex is a good control mechanism.

  And now that we have introduced the idea of the end of the life of the body, lets get on to the reality of living. Quality control,you might call it. Even if you are just blowing your nose, do it the best you can. Living life to the fullest is merely doing your best, being your best. It does not have to break sales records, or world records, only the few get that honor. It is just being able to live with yourself. Even at your laziest, do it the best. Don't do it half hearted. Then there will be no regrets. The if only tyranny of life. if only I made the bed, I'd be able to go to sleep now instead of having to sleep on the mattress or stay up longer and have to throw the sheets on the bed.

  Now is the only chance you get to make yourself happy, there is only right now. this very instant, there is no past there is no future. There is only right now, so don't waste it on pettiness, make it bestness.

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