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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year.
It has been said that, how you spend your new years day is a module of how your whole year will be.

That being said, one third of the day is spent sleeping,  8 hours
one hour for lunch
one hour for dinner
fifteen minutes for breakfast
one hour preparation(probably longer for both)            3.15 hours
grooming                                                                  1      hour

The Rose Bowl Parade and
various football games                                                3 hours

Games on line                                                            2 hours
new years phone calls                                                 1 hour

Broken hot water heater                                              2 hours
Misc/blog                                                                   3.34 hours

The day began peacefully. A blanket of snow quieted the winter chill. Eighteen degrees and no one wanted to go out. The day just a little gray, the sun hiding enough to keep the chill in the air. The cats slept the day, except for food breaks now and then. It was a wonderful beginning to a new year. There was a tranquility to be jealous of, if you were the jealous type. It began as one of those Sundays with the newspaper. Even though it was a Tuesday, if felt like one of those special Sundays, one of those days you had to yourself.

Then there was a crash into the window. Looking out one saw the bird, dead below the window with the feather marks. A not to common occurence, the one that makes the birds more personal, closer to home, not perched in the tree, on a wire or in flight feeding. It was probably planning to perch on the houseplant sitting by the window waiting to catch some winter rays of seldom sun. If the plant was not there....

A shower before dinner made us aware, with a cold feeling, there was no hot water. Learning from a friend what steps to identify the heating element on the water heater took us to the basement, flashlight, screwdrivers, pen and paper.
Switch off the circuit breaker, unscrew the housing cover on the water heater, find the heating element and identify the serial number and relevant identifiers.

Go back up stairs for the magnifying glass, two different ones, to be able to see what was close to the wall. Sitting on the cement floor, magnifier, flashlight and head almost into the wall. Too bad we dont know what we are doing. We got some numbers and went on line to see if we could find heating elements in the hardware store.

The heater was installed in 1972 when the house was built, it is going to be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. We are mechanically challenged.

Next, a phone call from a family member sharing sad news of a young man dying suddenly. He resided in California and his mother is on the east coast. Friends were trying to get a seven pm flight for her to California.

They also say, things happen in three's, in our house it is sixes. We ended 2012 with the icemaker needing service and the convection oven fan not working. We called for service. The motor for the fan must be ordered and will cost fifty dollars. The icemaker was supposedly fixed but does not work, so that repair person will return and that bill will be exciting. We never asked about charges, we just used the company referred by Frigidaire.

Playing Pinochle on*this is not an advertising plug. Two of the games had thirteen points to make the meld. [Not a relevant piece of information, just an oddity for 2o13.

It is nighttime, dinner is over, football still on tv, the cats are playing and the home has returned to a peaceful abode. Cold showers wake one up enough to appreciate the warmth. Towels warmed and hair dryers on high. We are glad we do not have to do this outside.

So to summarize, inconvenience, unforseen expense,shared sadness will be expected for the coming year. 365 days, a third of it sleeping. May the sleep be the restfull, rejuvinating medicine to heal the sores scratched during the other thirds. And may your year, be peaceful, kind and gentle.


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