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Thursday, May 16, 2013


My brother was born in Brooklyn on May 14. Thirty three years after his birth my parents moved to upstate New York, and their closest neighbor has a son also born on May 14. His age is 56, my brother 65. I moved to New Jersey in 1988 and my closest neighbors daughter was born on May 14.

In New Jersey I had a dentist whose assistant shares my birth date. Less than five years ago the dentists daughter had a daughter who shares the same birth date as me.

I went to a birthday party for a friend named Robert and there were four other Robert's in the room. There were less than fifty people at the party.

If you are named Mary, Marie or Maria, most people you meet will change your name according to whether or not they like you and other persons they know named Mary, Maria or Marie. They don't care what your name is. If they do not like you and they have a friend they do like with the same name, they will change your name as to not have the negative association rub off to their relationship with the friend they like.  if they don't like you and your name is Mary and the good friend they like is also called Mary, they will call you Marie or Maria. If they like you and your name is Mary and their friend is named Maria they will call you Maria, no matter how many times you correct them.

My grandfather was born on Easter, my cousin on Christmas, my brother Father
's Day, My sister, Mother's Day, me St Patrick's Day, and my uncle and cousin share the same day.

I had a friend whose granddaughter was born on the same day as she, so she would play forgetful with the child, asking her when her birthday is and stating that her birthday is the day after, so the child could have her own special day.

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