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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

thirty six minutes

Stay off the ropes. Watch your opponents eyes, never take your eyes off their eyes. Don't back up. Keep your feet moving. If you keep your legs too far apart you will lose your balance. Stay loose. Keep your gloves up, protect yourself, move fast. Cover up. Stay out of the corner. Use combinations, watch their eyes. Don't hit below the belt. No head butts. Listen to the ref. Breathe. Pay attention. Sometimes move to the left, then switch to the right. No holding. Look with daggers in your eyes. Jab, pull the fist back quickly, then forward quickly, before they blink, do it again, and again if you get the chance. Protect yourself. 

 Bend your knees, dance, listen for the bell. No holding. Remember what you learned. Protect your face, protect your chest. Look for patterns. Aim for the liver, they will be paralyzed long enough for you to get the advantage if you strike the liver. Breathe. Take it easy, pace yourself, don't move to fast to tire yourself. Look for an opening, take the shot. 

If you got a chance to knock them down, take it. Keep looking in their eyes, it will tell you what you need to know, see that look, he's looking for an advantage, don't give it to him. Watch yourself. Punch, left right combinations, look for an opening. Work the kidneys. Tire him, confuse him. If you hit the ears he'll get dizzy.

Remember, you must stay up for thirty six minutes and land as many punches as you can. A knockout would be great, show them what you can do.

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