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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tennis Anyone

Can anyone explain why the tennis association tolerates the grunting professionals. Is it something totally necessary for tennis players to grunt and groan with every swing. Why, or are there any other so called professionals that vocalize their use of energy. And why do the fans tolerate such behavior, are they all deaf. Yes, it is a strategy to unnerve the opponent, to glean an advantage, but it is in such poor taste. Do they ever watch and listen to themselves, can they be proud of their behavior. Even football players do not  sound as foul. The sport has diminished since the likes of Maria Sharapova and the other Russian named players have appeared, as well as the men including Novak, too bad the fans and association tolerate such unprofessional behavior. The fans ought be insulted that they have to be subjected to the sounds of pigs squealing. Those contrived outbursts are more objectionable than that Spanish guy always playing with his butt. The tennis association ought to have a code of ethics for unprofessional  behavior, the player should be fined for demeaning the sport, lowering the standard, insulting the fans - perhaps even noise pollution. It they can fine Serena for her language why not the rest for poor sportsmanship. It would return the game to an enjoyable sport. 

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