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Saturday, February 20, 2016

For Jack

The room is silent, no creaks or squeaks,
 Just the measure tick tick tick.

 A clock,

 A constant reminder,

 'Time is passing, time is passing',
A second,  a second
Drifting  Past,

The endless end of time,
A second gone by,
Another and yet another,
Tick tick tick.

time time,
What have you done
What did you do
Where did you spend it
The time,

The Days
The Weeks
The  Months.

Tick tick tick
Wisely, wasted
Worn away
Time time time.

Moments  measured,
Sixty seconds
What have you done with it, Jack
Give it back
Get it back
Save some for the sack.

Waste not, want not
Yick Yick Yick
Tick Tick Tick
Pick, Pack, Puck.

Work for it
Let it work for you
Choose wisely
Whatever you do.

It wont come back
You cant get it back
Tick Tick Tick,
Gone Gone Gone
It will never come back
What have you done with it Jack.

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