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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The EU vs Google

   In the late 1990's Google was not advertised as a diet aid product. That was during the days of dial-up. People spent hours Googling, ignoring the pangs of hunger, feeding their intellectual appetite instead sampling the desserts that sweetened their minds with all the delicacies available, some even slept less opting instead to google the night away. In those days Google had few advertisements among the pages of data, nothing interrupting the segue through links of the world of everything in writing. It was a free flow of knowledge at a more rapid rate than turning pages in books. It was the freedom of information inspiring a nation to learn and grow.

   Fast flipping to the present, the EU is interested in making the case that Google is hindering competition.

   The EU has nothing to worry about, all the other search engines have far more advertisements with less links to information, and Google is also catching the advertising bug while offering less information. It is increasingly more difficult to cull knowledge from the scroll of ads that must be flipped through, almost like looking for the needle in the haystack.

 This trend,  following  television programmings need to bombard  watchers with products and services that interrupts the flow of the program they may forget they are watching. Instead  the screen fills with legal services suing every provider of everything that has been proven beyond a doubt  to shorten lifespans, or medications for every imaginable ailment that have  side effects that sound worse than the ailment they are trying to relieve. [Any child should have nightmares about visiting a medical professional or opening their mouth until they are miles away]

These practises have driven away television viewers and will also drive away Internet viewers moving them back to the library for information.

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