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Friday, May 27, 2011


Prior to GWB it was the practice of the television news to show the arrival
of the fallen
Those who have met their end in service to their country
on foreign soil
The arrival of their flag draped coffins from the cargo hole of planes
carried with solmenity by their comrades in arms
through the portal of soldiers at attention
Watched by millions
as they stop their lives
to pay their respects
and ponder the lives
of those who have sacrificed
everything for what is
the freedom of the nation
For the few minutes the stars and stripes in horizontal
the minds of Americans would travel to the place of conflict
and imagine what transpired
For the moment thoughts would linger over all past battles
and all the fallen in defense of the country and the prices paid
for that which we still have
And all thank the fallen and mourn their loss and grieve for their
It was a time of unity, the nation grieved as one, the pain felt by all
personal painful and real
Every living room a funeral parlor with the smell of flowers and death
The time when all would recognize the the expense of the conflict
the reality of war
Now after GWB the news simply reports ten dead, five dead
and the news continues
with no time for thought
at what we do

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