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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

then them

all the things you want it to be
when you want it to be

then there is the cumulative affect
years of consuming in excess
produce ugly effects
that tip the scale over the edge
no matter who you are
there is a negative effect to excess
of anything

excess red meat - gout
excess sugar - cavities and diabetes
excess carrots - turning orange
excess tobacco - cancer & emphysema
excess fruit - the runs
excess nuts - oily skin
excess salt - dry skin

but excess alcohol
effects them and you

Dr J & Mr Hyde is probably
about drinking alcohol
and how it changes a personality
and how the changes affect other persons

but the excess drinker does not believe
the changes as told to them by others

In the USA drunk and disorderly is a crime
yet, it can not effectively be regulated
without prison time
and alcoholism is considered a disease
and alcoholics are punished for their 'disease'

Perhaps it is only fitting that they, the alcoholics
are punished for their disease
because all other diseased persons are equally punished

the slow of mind do not earn high salaries
the physically disabled have not the same access as the able
the emotionally challenged are sedated, incarcerated, separated, isolated
and berated

the bald and the hairy are laughed at
the short and tall are stared at
the old are discarded
the young abused

the aggressive, rewarded
the regressive, pitied

the ugly - of mind, of body, and of soul
are so ugly they control

the beautiful - we want to control

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