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Friday, August 19, 2011


Someone who called into a talk show
asked the question
"Were they, the government, not fixing
the problems with the economy, because
the president was black?"

Is there any other goood excuse for them not to fix the problem?
Democrats don't want Republicans to succeed
Republicans don't want Democrats to succeed
So the people pay for their competition

There are ways for them to agree
There are ways for them to win
There are ways for us to get some relief
It only takes one
to stand up
and be counted

Without government intervention we can change the course
of the way things are going

It does not look good
But it can be done

Even if we had  a government holiday
furloughing government workers one day a week for the rest of the year
would save us a couple of bucks
and make the government employees appreciate their jobs
therefore, giving them the impetus to perform

But of course that will not happen
The president will roll out a plan finally,
after labor day
in the mean time
he has done little to abate the problems

I did not vote for the guy
and I did wish him well when he was elected
I even sent him an email telling him what I think
had to be done to fix things

So, I am pro the people and support whomever is in power
if they do good for the people

There is corruption in government
and there can be good done
So, I did stand up to be counted
when it seemed my voice needed to be counted

now the new phenomenon of teens on a rampage
is a bit more serious
than having no money.

In the 1960's and 1970's the kids acted out by graffitti-ing
everything in their path.
It was obvious that they were yelling for help.
But no one was listening.
They just received punishment instead of attention.

Now, these kids see everyone stealing and cheating
and they want their share

The rule of law
is obviously
by those in power
and it is reported every day

So why can't they follow in their footsteps

We have lost the rule of law
and we want it back
and we have no idea how to get it back

for all the next elections
elect those individuals who
respect the rule of law

I am not speaking about religion
just the law of the land
and make it enforceable for everyone
not just blacks

Maybe even consider
legalizing drugs
to break the control of the drug cartels
(because illegal drugs are very expensive)
and of course tax them
and then they still will be cheaper than now

But the powers that be
the alcohol companies do not want the competition
beer and booze and cigarettes rule

And the drug enforcement agencies and the jails
would then have to find new jobs

What say you

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