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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


There are some rules that are worth remembering
for instance
a stitch in time saves nine
 which means, repair the cloth before it needs more stitches to repair it
keep it simple stupid
the simpler the operation the less can go wrong
sometimes always never
when forming an opinion as to the outcome of an event
it is always safer to consider that the same outcome
sometimes will occur
never will occur
and always will occur
Preparinging onesself for all variables is preferable
therefore there will be no disappointment
disappointment is a very sad event
and should always be avoided
and will sometimes be the inevitable
many times disappointment will always occur
no matter what preparation
no matter how prepared
no matter how many obstacles are removed
the disappointment of the outcome of an event
is preferable
to the disappointment of
doing ones best at all times
will on some occasion produce the desired result
will on all occasions produce the desired result
will on no occasion produce the desired result
you did your best
and still you lose
you did your best
self respest is intact
giving forth the energy to
pick onesself up
to start all over again
every day he shined his shoes
and went to work
except one day
he was too tired busy lazy
the next day
the boss happened to notice
his shoes were not shined
and he was passed over
for a raise
of course
he worked in a shoe store.
rules are made to be broken
do this do that
the only rule
we like
are the rules we make
not the rules we must follow
when estabilishing a code of behavior
we form habits
   sucking a thumb
 in early childhood
which we bring with us through our lives
sometimes we see these nuances of self
as detremental
and with persistance
we correct the unwanted behavior
a teacher notices and persists in persuading
us to adapt to their preference
we are always adapting to someones rules
whether we like it or not
has a funny way of bringing us to today
not as we have begun
but mostly as others would like us to be
and we are rewarded thusly
sometimes we do not adapt
or they never choose to reward us
or they always never sometimes see we are there.
we sometimes always never
or not at all.
we are pleased with ourselves
at the way in which we mould to others directions
sometimes we are pleased
that we do not mould to others directions
sometimes we are pleased
with ourselves
that we never
what others choose as our direction
we never sometimes always
for what others say
as to what we ought or must do
and we simply
allow them to say whatever they wish
and we simply ignore whatever they say
so we always
we did it our way.
and what
does that get us.

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