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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The collective conscience

  The collective consciousness

The younger Mr Bush was elected at a time when the country was divided equally. Voters felt strongly for or against issues. There was no compromise of ideals. How he was elected is a matter for the history books. Suffice it to say, it was a time in America when everyone had a black and white image of the issues.

9/11 has again created a dichotomy of opposites. Now, there is a strong sense of fear. Some see a scary enemy lurking and they are demanding protection at all costs. Tap the telephone, detain citizens indefinitely, drone the neighborhood.  Keep liquids off planes, scan passengers. A patriot act, cower. Bury your head in the sand of fear the unknown. Let the enemy know they have succeeded. The enemy has obtained control, is it the person seated next to you on the train, is the guy who bumped into you on the street. Hurry home, lock the door, load the gun. Get ready for war, they are coming to get us. Be afraid, freeze the brain into inactivity, dull the senses with the smell of war. Fight for your life, they have poison gas, they have bio hazard, they have the power to destroy us. They are getting stronger, they are on every continent, moving closer, watching, poising, build a wall, don't let them in. Keep us safe, no matter the cost, it is our right. The government must keep us safe.

Freedom. Without freedom this is not America, not The United States of America, home of the free and the brave. Yes, there is a new Crusade, a new religious war heading in our direction. Yes, there are those who are angry with the haves. The have not's have been brain washed into believing that in the next life(of which they are assured is reality) they will be rewarded with virgins. Is there a clarification for the female enemies, will they also receive virgins in the hereafter? We now have cameras on street corners, filming everyone, in the search for the lawbreaker running the red light, to add revenue, to keep the streets safe. And, to catch the killers! There is always someone watching. There is always someone seeing what you are doing, and interpreting what you are doing, to suit their needs. Is it a fair price to relinquish freedoms in the hope of securing safety? Are the watchers sufficiently tempered to see reality and not their illusion of reality? Can we depend upon the keepers of the peace to protect us. Or, do we continue living our lives as a free nation. Is a police state necessary?  9/11 has crippled the world economy. 9/11 has masked us in the apprehension of danger, positioning us for the fight or flight response. But has it also expanded our mind to the need to choose what is good for us. Is it good for us to be a frozen populace, afraid to laugh, afraid to dance, afraid to giggle. Get the gun, forget about folly.

Fear, greed, ignorance and want, the only enemies. Building walls further enhancing the dark ages. Remember the dark ages?, the days of serfs and lords, the haves and the have nots. The days before the printing press, and mass education, or education of the masses. Are we falling back in time, revisiting the dark ages of mass ignorance and mass want? Are we willing to give up the grandeur of the Internet, the instant information highway, in exchange for slave labor or forced imprisonment of the mind? Without the opportunity and the exercise of excellence we are simply surviving or fighting to survive as opposed to striving for excellence, learning about our selves and what is best for all of us. Can we stand by and accept the inevitability of war, to relieve the strain of the unemployed, or can we turn around the fear, the greed, the hunger and the want -- into a unity of purpose, a better life for all. Is because there has always been war the good reason to accept war as the inevitable. Can we stand by, doing nothing, and letting the worst possible scenario become the reality. Or can we each make a positive difference to prevent the habit of war as the only solution.


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