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Monday, June 24, 2013

You,me, them

The house is filled with life's accumulations. Memories of the past, people long gone, still holding on, unwilling to let go. There is so much stuff, piled around, collecting dust, needing cleaning, waving hello as we walk by. In every room there is history. Beautiful things, at least we think beautiful, positioned to catch our eye as we pass by, little mementos passed down from generations, the link with ancestors, their way of life, the world they lived in. Are they necessary? Must we continue to hold on to the past> Is there room in the present and the future to hold on to yesterday.

There is less room to move about freely. All the books have been read, they sit on the shelves, their titles easily read to remind us of the adventures between the pages. Why are these volumes clinging to us. The imagination of some one's fictional murder mystery necessary to sit to be viewed. Read years ago and not even significant volumes of literature, average books that touched a spot, a new place in the mind. And yet, must it, they, fill the shelves. What reason does it play in our daily lives, do they connect us with a door that will otherwise remain shut. What will happen to us if we remove them, will we lose the link, will we be unable to jump to the place of creativity.

And the little nick knacks or the photos, the paintings hanging on the walls. What do they do for us, is it something that we can not do for ourselves.

Must make room. Like the kid said, "I see dead people" all around our house. Pretty little things that clutter the space, create work and attract our focus.

They are part of us, they keep us in touch with the links of the memories that are important pieces of our life experience. But we can not continue the task of keeping them clean. We are at the stage in our life when simplicity reigns. Yet, I am unable to remove my share of the little thoughts of yesterday. I am unwilling to let go. I hold dear all the things I received from dead people, my link to the nice things in my life.

That is it!!!! Ah ha! Bingo! Our home is filled with reflections of the nice things in our lives. The happy memories, the little snippets of joy, the good times, the hugs, the warmth, the beauty, the best parts of our lives. We want not to forget, we hold fast, the best parts of our lives.

In the closets too. Old things not worn in years, pieces of the past hanging around to be discovered when we open the door. But there is no room, we must let go. The big house has become small. It is becoming difficult to walk, furniture that has out stayed it's welcome. It is nice to sit in a room filled to the brim with nice things, like a cup of hot chocolate in wintertime.

Must choose what to lose. Must use discipline to open the space, to make room, to reduce work, to eliminate clutter.

Clutter, it blocks the flow, it interrupts. When viewing the whole, looking into the room filled to the brim, it presents the display of clutter, chaos. Then the eye spots the fish on the wall, swimming effortlessly in the water, it has a calming effect. And the statue of the mother with an arm around a child, the comfort and safety, the link with family. So far they don't feel like clutter, when presented one at a time. All together they clog the brain. One at a time they soothe when we didn't even know we needed soothing.

What to do. Where to begin. Simplify. Let go. Give it up. HOW!

Words expended, trying to find the way to begin, the way to let go of the crutches I have invented to make my life better.  Must find the way to make it better on my own. It feels like I am cutting off my arm or leg. The thought of parting with some or all of this stuff is almost frightening. I don't want to give it up. Odd, this communication is all about me. I is not the way to write. For me, this topic is very personal. It is my problem to solve. Too tired to get up and begin, that's a good excuse to rest here a while. I know, I shall walk around the house and look at things to see who I can give them to. Who can I pass them on to. Who will see their value, whose life will it enrich. I am going to do that. Instead of throwing away the treasures by trying to sell them as junk, I shall inspect the value of items and share them with those whom I treasure as well, those who have enriched my life and shared their joy. It is a softer way to approach the portal to old age, to make me feel that my life in a small way is or has been valuable. I feel better already, lighter, less tense than before. It is  not like letting go, it is moving over. Putting the treasures in the place where they will do the most good(for me!) knowing I am giving something of beauty to those who have helped make my life beautiful. It is better than think I am getting old and must shed pounds to help me move. It is a purpose. Have not had a purpose for a while. Making dinner is not as big a purpose. This is good. I can focus on the task at hand. I have given myself the tool to get the job done. It is a position of fullness, unlike letting go  which creates an emptiness, a barrenness, a whole.  Sharing keeps me full. And now there is a twinkle in my eye, thinking about what a surprise I can make. Christmas in July, and I am not even catholic. A good time for giving. A good time to surprise someone with something special. Not necessarily something they may need, just something to help keep the twinkle in their eye. I hope I made this a twinkle in your eye. Happy new year in July. Hope you giggle too.

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