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Thursday, July 11, 2013

MORE about the disease obese

  In the 1940's we veiled our existence in a cloud of smoke. The 1950's was the celebration party. 1960's we did drugs to drown our ineffectiveness. 1970's brought purpose we worked hard at being a country. In the 1980's we began a painful transition, adapting and adjusting to reality . 1990 began with the anticipation of the twenties, the new millennium, waiting for the doomsday clock to hit 2000 and worrying about what computers would backfire our accounting records. AH! The twenties we welcomed with open arms, optimistic about new beginnings happy to make history and forge into the future.
THEN the twenties grew in age and everything began to go wrong even though we still had faith in tomorrow. We learned our faith was defective, we have been sold a bill of goods(false hope) and the walls of will begin to crumble. We see all our efforts for naught, our weary strength waning, our stamina shrinking, and the walls continue to crumble. Like the levees of Katrina, we have been defeated. We are saving our last burst of energy for emergencies and we walk in a stupor, numb to the pain, shielded from the slings and arrows, our fortunes dwindled, and those of us who do, we pray for the miracle, to reverse the arrows of 2013 to sling into the vein of gold.

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