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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Disease obese?

  America has done it again! Who else in the world would come up with such an excuse, to fritter away any responsibility for what ails a growing number of people in one country. Or is this a joke?

   In the past decade there have been good reasons for us to eat away our troubles, to find no other repast to assuage the ache in the malaise of most.

  Sugar is good to sweeten the sadness
Fried chicken is great to fill the gut on the run
Burgers on the run with fries on the side make a no mess meal easy to deal

  The fast food industry has been chastised for the salt, fat and sugar content of it's products, is eating it a disease, is the hurry up-fill up a disease particular to America, the United States there of. Is being hungry a disease too. When rushed to make money is the norm, why is the food fill up with the wrong octane a disease.

  Exercise is for the rich!!!!! The poor can not afford that luxury.

  A real meal with all the fixin's is a dream for many. Now that unemployment is at twenty five million here, food is becoming a dream too. The faster fill up with whatever will quell the ache in the belly and the heart is the best cheapest fastest choice.

  The disease in America, the United States there of, is more a pain in the heart, the government lies, and expects us to buy the untruths. The government is spending the money the poor and middle incomers no longer have. The  nation debt is rising and we all know we all must pay the piper, is the debt to earning ratio a disease. There is nothing to show for the money. Corruption of the infrastructure is the same as the corruption of the leaders of this free world. Trust and accountability are sitting beside the right to pursue happiness. There is no longer any illusion of 'for the good of the people', Katrina erased that dream. We have no one to follow.

 The god fearing religious are disenchanted with those leaders also, they too are only human.

  The new law of the land is the mega corporation where no one is responsible, or if someone accepts responsibility for any wrongdoing they step down from their throne, with a severance package which will feed some third world nations, the reward for the corporate leader who takes responsibility!

  There was a time when the government meant something, when police officers walked a beat and new the people they were serving, now they drive by faster than those shooting, or they make so much noise when they are arriving the bad guys have plenty of time to hide.

  Is it a disease that disenfranchises those who serve or those who are being served. A quality product is not what production is now about. Make as many as you can, even if it doesn't work, who cares, someone will buy it, even the 'junkman'.

  Is there someone in America, the United States there of, who has self respect. Can the poor eke out a meager existence and be happy with one's accomplishments. Can someone on a production line feel good about riveting all day long, the same shape, the same color, the same part. For tens of years can a union worker feel good about making a product that is substandard, dangerous, or useless.

  Feel good America, the United States there of, for all your children who can not read or write, never mind add or subtract. Feel good about all the children who can not communicate with the spoken word, but get what they want with a gun. Thank you television, for not educating the masses, for the dumbing down of a captive audience, all the little children whose parents had them because their religion said it was the right thing to do, but never gave them the tools needed to feed them, so they put the progeny in front of the 'boob tube' while they finally have a minute to relieve themselves or wash their face. And they give them a snack out of a bag, to hold the hunger until the rice and beans or pasta and sauce is ready to eat. And the water coming out of the pipes has a smell and a taste not worth mentioning, so they drink anything, soda, bottled water, milk if they are lucky. But even the milk has all the nutrients cooked out of it. Ah, feel good America, it won't kill you.

 How about more for the corporations, the irresponsible partners in our consumer economy. How does one individual feel good about themselves when the corporation they work for, pays them minimum wage, without medical benefits, without vacation pay, and less hours than is needed to survive. Thus, they must work one two or three more jobs a week to try to make ends meet, because that corporation has eliminated all competition, and is the only company with jobs for hire, and some of the products, not all, are useless no matter they are advertised, or the quality is so poor it will not stand up to the rigors of a growing child, therefore, must be replaced more frequently. Who: 'owes their soul to the company store?'

 The Disease obese? Knowing that at any time a bomb could explode in one's face is a newer reality, the new crusades of the twenty first century, the new enemy without a face, the cowards who hide in corners, masked in daylight and nightlight, the enemy within and the enemy without. 'If that's all there is...' There is no one to negotiate with, the headless rider spreading the plague of fear, the constant reminder that we are all doomed, no matter what we do. 

  There is no leader telling us not to worry, that in the end we all die, and all that matters is doing our very best, being true to ourselves, even if we must starve for the cause, like those who think they will be bestowed with virgins when they die.

 The, as Charles Dickens shared with us, fear, greed, ignorance and want will infect the masses, and the masters and mistresses or is it mizzes, will judge who will have the opportunity to continue in their pursuits of a better life, while others will be cut short.

 The Disease obese. Can the lack of opportunity be a disease, can we find no relief for the fatigue, the hunger, the desire, the need, the empty days filled with nothing that resembles joy, happiness, satisfaction, gratitude or just plain pleasure ever exist in our lifetimes. Is this the generation that will be plunged into the valley of darkness, or can we slowly climb out into the daylight and feel the sun warm our faces.

 Who are they kidding, giving more money to the AMA American Medical Association to experiment with the jelly rolls, to alter the physical appearance without addressing the starving minds. It is not the bodies that have turned to fat, it is the brains being wasted. The generation of educated or almost educated who have some much to learn who have no opportunity to learn. The wasted generation, that even the children are so angry they are eliminating each other.

  America is wasting it's resources, any sensible individual sees it, and is abhorred by it, and can not shut their eyes, and has no leader to show us another way, to a better life. The leaders have corrupted the system, or has the system always been in place for the leaders to feather their own nests, regardless of their constituents. Or has the corporation taken over as 'lord and master' of the masses.

  Monopolies are more the economies of scale, tsk, world wide wonders feeding the masses, controlling what is consumed. We are no longer a consumer economy, yet, the illusion is propagated. The world economies are no longer a consumer driven machine, it is now the corporations driving the wheels of demand. We want rice, we have one choice, it may not taste as good as you remember, but you will always save. Yuck, bring back my old brand. You want napkins, buy millions, even if you only need ten. Don't like the color of that chair, buy it and paint it, from the color choices we show here, not what you want, get use to it. There is no more a pleasing economy, it's more take what you can get and like it and pay what we want you to pay, because we are the only store in town. Basic staples, who needs choice, we got plenty, what those napkins too harsh for you soft face, too bad, get use to it, and like it.

  Disease obese. There is no place to run. There is no place to hide. It is the disease of dissatisfaction, disappointment, disenfranchisement, downtrodden, decay, and displeasure. A disease of disunity. Dog eat dog, every man for himself. There is no more for the good of the people.

  For the masses: the food is no good, the work is no good, the religion is no good, the play is no good, the sleep is no good, there is nothing left, there is no dream, no land of opportunity, no land of knowledge, no safe place. The closest we get is to try to feed our physical hunger with the empty calories of no benefit.

 Mr Ford made cogs in a wheel of us all, the assembly line mentality, for the good of the masses. Then the government made the automobile the wheel of the economy, driving all industry or the majority of industry, tires nuts bolts, paint, oil, grease, leather, glass, music, video, roads, machinery to build roads, and so forth. PEOPLE here do not walk, do not cycle, we are transported here there and everywhere, the Disease obese, it is the illness of the nation, not the people. We have lost sight of people, machines answer all our questions, machines communicate for us, there is little left for us to do to feel good about ourselves, so let's call it: Disease obese, and maybe we will forget about all our dissatisfaction, with all the leaders, the non leaders whom we have entrusted our lives, whom we have given our all, everything we have and will have, to make our lives safer and better, and we watch the infrastructures crumble, and we ought smile, or giggle or laugh, because the joke is on us.

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