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Wednesday, August 21, 2013






Cole Camp Courier

201 E Junge

Cole Camp MO 65325


Re: How long is awhile?


Dear Editor,


  What is that putrid odor? Some say it is the smell of money, others know it is the rancid concentration of foul/fowl waste from the Tyson chicken barns on 52 Highway east of Cole Camp and those on Boeshenville Avenue off Highway W from 52 Highway.

  November 30, 2012 I received an email from Jim Leis at Tyson's in Arkansas, in response to my complaint about the odors emanating from both operations. His email gave me the telephone number of Kevin Gibbs (660.827.8815) the Live Production Manager at the Sedalia facility.

  December 12, 2012 Mr. Gibbs advised that it would take a while to remedy the issue.

  A mile away from each facility the stench is still an affront to the sense of smell. These Tyson chicken barns are not good neighbors, and do not have consideration for the environment, or the residents of Benton County.

  For those who choose to fight for Benton County, call Mr. Gibbs, send emails to Tyson in Arkansas, boycott Tyson brands and tell everyone you know how repulsed you are by the corporate negligence and irresponsibility to the impact on the quality of life they have negatively affected for the neighbors, homeowners and residents of Benton County. If you do not care about land values, air quality or smelling the roses, do nothing! If you believe that respecting your neighbor is in part, protecting their land values by maintaining your property thus aiding in maintaining stable prices, make the call, let your voice be heard, vote with your dollars and boycott Tyson products.  Let Benton County not be known as 'the stinking county in Missouri'. Thank you.



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