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Friday, September 6, 2013

This is a true story

Two months after I found my partner(whom I adored) dead on the living room floor, I was financially forced to go back to work. Then I was freelance, no vacations, no benefits, no medical, just money.

I supervised the last face to face shareholder counter for Ma Bell (AT&T). We were helping the shareholders fill out the paperwork for their choices of new companies with the breakup of AT&T.

A portable counter was set up for us on the main floor of the AT&T corporate office building at Broadway in downtown New York City. Marble columns, marble floors and walls with glass windows looking out at Manhattan. It was a cold snowy February.

We let one of the women keep a bottle of perfume a Texan, dressed with cowboy belt boots, hat and tie, and suit jacket too. She reminded him of his fiancĂ©, who was a telephone operator, who died before they were married, a long time ago. He was maybe eighty if not  older.

To my station appeared a gentleman, about six feet four or five, thin and fair skinned.  He looked me in the eye and began to speak. "When I was in Buchenwald," he said, "there were ten thousand men. Of the ten thousand men they chose two hundred, and of the two hundred they chose twenty. I was one of the twenty, that they allowed to live."

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