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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

poGo patrons

If you have ever played games at the site you know it is a little bit quirky.  If you play a card gave with robots you will notice they are programmed to be a better partner to the opponent than to the side they are on, or they do not pick up cards their side needs. That's ok, it is not a chess match, and if you want to practice and there is no one to play with, the bots will help you think better about yourself.

The site has many games to sharpen the brains that have grown a little dull, as with age, so good problem solving and fun games too. They are not, the card games it is, random, as probably are the other games also. Most of the time, you are the winner, the reward is virtual currency to be used at their virtual store or virtual badges of honor to further challenge personal competition. Sometimes they are fun, other times they are too many challenges to achieve within the scheduled time frame, simply redundantly boring.

Oh, and yes, you can chat with players at a small space while playing games. Most times players say hi and say where they are, Nova Scotia, Chicago etc. But you don't have to chat if you choose not to.

What is in fact an interesting note is the quality of the players. Some are very sharp and competitive. Others are down right rude, stopping playing a game to answer the phone, leaving the other players to wonder if the players screen is frozen, they do this without standing up at the table and letting the robot play their hand until they return. They give the brb (be right back abbreviation) and leave the other players hanging. Or they dilly around past the time expired waiting to get additional time to play.

Along with the rude players mentioned above the site has an extraordinary amount of bad sports - or it is a malaise of the times. If the bad sport is losing they just get up and leave in the middle of play -disappear into the sunset - without finishing the game, they give up and run away. And if they win, they flash one of the faces like the smiley sun, or dancing cactus, to gloat their success. These are the people who must win, who absolutely refuse to accept failure -which in life may be a good thing - who knows, but they ruin the experience or competition for all the others. Like 'I'm not playing unless I can be the chief'. For those of us who enjoy the challenge and appreciate a worthy opponent, when the bad sport begins to lose and drops the game, we are glad they leave. They remind us of the bad sport tennis players that go into their temper tantrums like little children, only there are proportionately more of them at this site, maybe it is really a magnet.

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