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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Baseball

So, baseball's bosses have made a large error today. Instead of postponing the game scheduled today at Baltimore they will play without the fans in the bleachers. They have penalized all the fans who have tickets and made plans like taking a day off from work, because they are afraid, but not enough fear to cancel the game.

The Symphony is giving a free concert for the people of Baltimore, hooray for you folks, that is a great way to fight fire with fire. Smart too, some soothing music to quell the anger, Thank you.

Back to baseball. It is the fans who pay to build the field, it is the fans who pay to watch the players, and it is the fans who buy all the jerseys, hats, tee shirts and jackets.

 So why did the team not go to the area and spend time with the people with those who spend their time and money making them richer. Why didn't other teams come to Baltimore and spend time with the people of Baltimore.

Why didn't baseball do something special for the City of Baltimore. Like maybe make the game free. There is enough strife and baseball added to the more.

Baseball is supposedly America's greatest game but it seems only to be filled with America's greatest chickens.

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