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Monday, September 21, 2015

SOLUTIONS FOR AMERICA, aka, how to fix the system

Although the immigrant population in America is an uncounted group, there is an estimate of eleven million people undocumented, the shadow people whom we are told, some of which have been here for more than ten years, or is it, twenty-five, no matter, these persons have been employed by someone.

Many of us remember years ago, the complaints of these low wage earners not paying taxes, this same argument is heard today. Talk of deporting them, forgiving them, and including them is loud now with the election candidates speaking forcefully about their ideas, some think they can collect back taxes as a way to amnesty.

While it is easy to dream of all the back taxes they have not paid and how those sums will reduce the debt it is just folly. 

Punishment for breaking the law is another demand by some, who so easily forget all the corporations and individuals who hired this cheap labor and those who bought the products produced by the same, including government officials, who have sworn to uphold the law. But, nay, not punish them, just the people living, barely existing. Paraphrasing a quote from Lady Chatterely's lover,  "after the fair, the masters beat the slaves, the slaves beat the cattle, and the cattle went into the field to cry." 

If there is anyone serious about resolving this situation here is a possible solution:

Allow all these persons who have been living and working in the USA as illegal immigrants, to come forward and present proof of domicile and employment. Finger print these persons and verify that there have been no legal issues about them. Give them employment permits and add them to the tax roles. Anyone falsifying documents will be deported immediately. And if they choose they may begin the process of applying for citizenship. They will have the  opportunity to begin new lives as new members of the American community, instead of criminals.

This is not amnesty, we all are responsible for this situation, we all have allowed and taken advantage of their circumstances, we are now stating that it is time to wash the slate clean for all of us and begin anew as neighbors.

This move to acknowledge these persons is the time to revamp the tax code. If ten percent of this population is wage earning that would add more than one million to the tax roles, enough to offset a reduction in the tax rate, at the same time reducing the need for some government employees, by reducing the complexity or complications of paying taxes. Or, it will be a temporary shift in employment from tax collectors to registrars for employment permits.

Once these tax collector roles have been reduced there is ample work for all rebuilding American infrastructure as FDR employed during his administration.

Corporate tax should be eliminated from the Federal level, or all together. The consumer is the entity that eventually pays the tax anyway. Corporations make products to be sold in our Consumer Driven Economy, the consumer is the wage earner who spends dollars fueling the economic health of the nation. But first this wage earner pays an income tax and gives the government a share of their earnings, then the go to the store and pay a sales tax to the government, further sharing their income with the government, then the company that manufactures the product the consumer buys pays corporate tax to the government but increases the cost of the product they manufacture and sell to the wage earner, here alone is a triple tax on a wage earners income.

To further erode the income of the wage earner, corporations sell inferior products which immediately need repair or are beyond repair. For example: the new car the wage earner purchased has three factory recalls within the first year of ownership. These recalls either cost the wage earner, vacation time, wages, or the use of the vehicle altogether. Or the laptop that must be returned in the first month because of repeated overheating. The pressure washer that leaks, the tool that breaks first time it is used. The clothing that disintegrates after first washing. The oven, not ten years old needing repair but the company no longer makes the part, so the wage earner needs to buy a new oven. The lawn mower with a brake handle made from plastic, which of course will not last as long as the machine, but now can only be driven on flat ground. How about the latest software, when downloaded is, neither supported by the computer manufacturer and must be un-installed and an old version reinstalled but the software manufacturer has also deleted all supporting software by other vendors and must be reloaded also, and all the wage earners individual settings have been deleted and must be reestablished. And when you call the vendor or try to contact them on their website they are experiencing heavy volume.
More of the wage earners time is being expended with no recompense. There is no longer a quality control department in these companies or if there is they are all sleeping. Make anything to sell is the corporate mantra, false advertising will help us get rid of this junk. But corporations beware, the wage earner will again vote with their dollars and some of you will be looking for jobs. And if you want to avoid that predicament consider making a quality product and reduce your income until that goal is achieved. There is no longer the economies of scale if the scarce resources are being squandered enmasse producing unusable products.

Next is medical insurance, mandatory for all except congress. The simplest way to fix this mess is to have congress, including, the president and justices, all become enrolled in the same system as the rest of us and then we will see change. 

About Planned Parenthood or Abortion: If the Government of these United States is adamant about forcing fetuses to be bred in hostile environments (the female who has used faulty birth control products or methods or erred in cycle calculations and becomes pregnant and does not want to reproduce) then the government should in all fairness bare the burden of supporting this female and issue. The government should be responsible for the education, shelter, food and clothing until this issue becomes self supporting. The woman forced into breeding against her will should also be compensated by the government for her time and inconvenience at a rate more than double the hourly wage for the twenty-four hour work day until the issue is no longer in her charge, since she is being forcibly imprisoned in her own body.

Finally, marriage. Since roughly fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce, why would anyone want to deny two persons from trying their luck at this sacred institution. Probably because some do not want others to share in the economic advantages. What would happen if there were no economic advantages to being married. If two people want to commit to each other let them, and if they want to love and cherish some other marriages throw away baby, why not let them. Unwanted children have needs beyond the norm. From being rejected in the womb to being unwanted in the home, the sociopaths of the future, why not let these person who want to commit to each other have the opportunity to reverse the rejection and hopefully raise healthy members of society. In the old days, marriage was a way for fathers to get rid of their unwanted daughters, household burdens. When two people commit to each other there is the potential for happiness and the more happiness there is in this world the more cooperation in using all the scarce resources to benefit the population of the planet.

And since the world is overpopulated with unemployed there is only one course if these errors are not corrected, WWIII is in the wings, consider this, if all the unemployed had jobs, would they be still willing to go to war, if they had the opportunity for economic advancement would they still be willing to blow themselves up and others with them.

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