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Friday, November 26, 2010

Ciao - an essay on life

we all live it
we share moments and memories and carry on daily activities
as though we shall live forever

We choose
we discard
we carry on

life - with all it's treasures

without it we do not exist - maybe  we are really only time
all we have is time
how we spend it is the measure of a life worth living
making mistakes
make you a better person if you learn from your mistakes
we all make mistakes , millions of them
we must live with them and accept them
to err is human-someone said
to err grossly is a big mistake sometimes one that can not be corrected or forgiven
that is a problem!
we all hope we do not make errors that will prevent us from living our lives as we choose or have the opportunity to pursue
And then we carry on
Everybody makes mistakes, time moves too fast for us to respond correctly all the time
we instantly make choices
we laugh at our foolishness
we move on, and on and on

Each life is filled with surprises at every turn
some not so pretty
our only choice
is to carry on and do our best
and maybe the world will give us reason to smile once in a while

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