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Monday, November 29, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts

An easy way to be happy is to train yourself to think happy thoughts.
It is a very rule to follow.
It is contrary to all training and must be practiced every day as many times as possible.

To always think the worst is a common training habit and one that creates sadness.
To begin the regime think about something funny that makes you laugh.
Remember that joke and repeat it to yourself often enough until you feel the benefits of
laughter and happiness.
Once you enjoy the benefits you begin to grow the habit of making yourself happy.

Terrible things will always happen.
Terrible things will help to make you feel awful,
Happy thoughts will help to counter the effects thereby reducing the damage of chaos,
and evil.
When terrible things pop up in your life let them sit alongside the happy thoughts.
See that it is possible to endure the worst and at the same time think the best.

Your face will feel better.
Your face will feel lighter and your cheeks will begin to rise and the muscles in your face will grow in strength.

And you will take on a whole new character.
The trick is to not let someone change the happy thought attitude that you have adopted.
You feel better and you like feeling better, so don't let anyone get in your way.

When you practice every day thinking happy thoughts, it will become second nature and easier and easier each day. To finally people will begin to notice a difference in you that they like and makes them smile,
and every time they see you they too will smile, and be happy too.

It is, thinking happy thoughts, a nicer disease than being miserable.
Miserable is a lousy way to spend your life.
Everyone is as you, struggling, and everyone doesn't walk around with long miserable faces.
You don't have to either.
All you need to do is to choose to think happy thoughts.
And you WILL have a nicer day.

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