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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good weather

Good weather with the sun shining to warm the bones is always something to improve the attitude. Whether  feeling sorry for yourself or lonely, sunshine makes the heart feel better.

Today is a sun day filled with sunshine and strong winds. The gusts are so powerful their sound billows through the windows. The impression of everything flying through the air gives caution.
Heed the sound of the wind, wonder if there be need to seek shelter.

The sun is shining, all is well.
The wind continues to blow.
The danger seems less with the yellow sky.

Today is a day for rest, choose some work to do but rest.
Rest is a state of mind, even if the body is moving.
Rest is the absence of stress,
tomorrow is the time to worry about the 'rest'.

Sometimes trust
that all will work out
even if no solution is in sight
and do your best
let life take care of the rest
today is a day for rest.

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