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Friday, June 3, 2011

For them and for us

There is not enough
for them
and for us.

Resources are scarce.

There is not enough land
for them and for us.

There is not enough water
for them and for us.

There is not enough food
for them and for us.

There is not enough money
for them and for us.

There is not enough work
for them and for us.

Jobs are scarce!
People are looking for work
People are idle
standing by

Idle time,
the time to think of self worth
the time to measure one's life,
lost aspirations
Pointless mindless hunger
wallowing in self pity and fear
alone with everyone else
unable to solve the problem
no opportunity
no choice
no where to turn
no one to look to
no solution.

The boom bust economy
the have the have not.
having money with no time to spend it
having time with no money to do anything with
the rules apply
you must succeed
you must acheive

no opportunity
no solution
not enough to go around
empty bellies
idle minds
waiting watching hoping

to frightened to read
to frightened to smile
to frightened to live

waiting watching hoping
no help in sight
no solution

to little for them
to little for us
no more to share
no one to care
no one to help
no one
to solve the problem

we all want to live
we all want to survive
we sit and we wait
the days linger
the nights linger
the time stands still
the air is thick
it is difficult to breathe
there is not enough air
we try to breathe
we are choking
we can not breathe
we are hungry
we are tired
we are alone
it is cold
it is hot
we look but we do not see
there is nothing to see
there is nothing for you
there is nothing for me
there is none for them
there is none for us

time is at a standstill
something must break
you can scream
you can yell
it will not help

there is nothing to eat
there is nowhere to sleep
there is no way to sleep
just stand there
in the twilight
don't move
let the world spin around you
stand there and watch
but do not see
as you stand there
lost at sea
with no opportunity

have set up the game
have made the rules
have given up
their greed has reached it's peak
want it all
will not share
do not care

as long as they are safe
as long as they are fed
as long as they can sleep

they will not believe
that we have nothing to eat
that we have not slept
that we have no way to feel safe

THEY do not care
and we shall pay the price
WE are expendable
THEY are safe

and that is the way it is

for them and for us

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