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Monday, April 25, 2011


If I was a woman I would cry when I saw injustice
If I were a man I would raise my fist in rage at the sight of injustice
Were I a child I would wonder in awe and confusion about unfairness
There is a passage in Lady Chatterly's Lover which speaks about,
after the country fair, the master beat the slave, the slave beat the cow
and the cow went into the field to cry
Link tv is airing a program about the 'Israeli lobby' crediting it with motivation for
the invasion of Iraq and proposing it will be responsibile for the invasion of
Iran and WWIII
In the program they state that Colin Powell addressed the UN assembly before the
invasion of Iraq, with intelligence gathered from 'Israel' and that Colin Powell's
credibility is what sold the premise that Iraq had WMD
Link tv also aired a program about the attacks of 9/11, which posed the questions,
or more stated, that the US was warned by various countries before, and about
the attacks, and that the 'officials' of the US protected themselves from harm,
by staying aboard a ship when attending a foreign meeting, and travelling by private
jets for personal safety. The lingering questions about whether or not the planes would
have been stopped by the air national guard or whether the attacks were permitted
or simply gross incompetence is a good maybe. But much consideration should
be afforded conceit - it could and would not be possible, or imaginable on American
Oil dependence, or oil monopolies are probably more to blame. Autos now are getting
better mileage and alternative fuel is burning the corn most would rather eat.
Without oil, albeit, without cheap oil economies are at a standstill. The US is FORCED
to find cheap oil, cheap by American standards, at the high price other nations must pay.
Responsible partnership is an old story, stewards of the land a makebelieve fairytale
thrown on the back burner of expediting a quick fix.

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