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Friday, June 17, 2011


Albert was right
The world a short person sees is very differrent from that of a tall person

VIewing the world from five feet is mostly looking at the dirt or asphalt, depending on where you live

Now that people are grown taller
for a person of five feet
the view standing in a subway car is always the back of a person
usually right between the shoulder blades, and if it is winter, the
inhale of wool from someone's overcoat

At football games, the play is usually missed, unless you are sitting in the
first row, when everyone stands to see or celebrate the move.
The five footer never sees the game, never knows what has happened.

Standing on a ladder is also a different view of the world, more of a 'sky' view
the horizon is higher
the scenery more encompassing

Sitting on the ground
gives you a down to earth perspective
an appreciation for all things that crawl
a closer bond
a greater attachment with terra firma

when standing, we seem to be in control of the earth
as though we can walk all over it
as though we are what makes the world turn
as though we are why it exists

when sitting on the ground
we are small
and the world is all around us
and we are not the center of the universe
but swallowed up by it

depending where we stand
the view is different
like turning a picture upside down
what we see has not changed
only our perspective has

children see things as very small
their world is not nearly as big as they are
and as we age the world becomes larger
and larger
and we finally become very small

our mind has absorbed more and more
of what is around us
and still there is more
and we keep seeing
and absorbing
and still there is more

then, the minds eye becomes filled
and there is room for no more
and we see
and we no longer absorb

and we see
what we saw
and again we do not absorb

we are like windshields on an automobile
deflecting all that gets in the way
blowing it off in all directions
and what sticks to the window
we keep repeating
but we do not absorb

and we wander the world
in our own little shell
part of the planet
and separate from the planet

in our own little world
with nothing entering nor leaving

until our little world
closes its doors
and is no more

and what we see and what we saw
is different
than what they saw and what they see
and may not be
at all
what is


what is real
is only what we think is real
unless we are not sure
whether or not it is real.

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