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Friday, June 3, 2011


Is there any other profession that tolerates
employees verbalizing grunts and groans
as a sign excessive exertion while performing
their duties

Imagine the dentist that groans for the
strain of pulling a tooth

or the surgeon who sighs and moans
with every cut

how about the pizza maker groaning
while spreading sauce

or the grocer screaming to reach the top shelf

how about Tiger Woods grunting with every stroke
or the basketball player straining to reach the hoop
screaming whoaaaa

the only other groaners we have heard
are the football players as they are hit by their
300lb. opponent with a force to otherwise
knock any other person unconscious

what was once a sport
a pleasure to watch 
individuals tested to their limits
striving for the goal, the best
as commentators laud and praise 
with joy their achievements

now all we hear is suffering
as though they are
travelling through the gauntlet
where they are brutally beaten from
beginning to end

tennis the new sport
where  players
are paid millions 
to express their
suffering as though
they have never
been prepared for a match
as though they are being
punished as Roman gladiators
as squealing pigs sent to slaughter

tennis - the most unprofessional sport
down there, with a fixed match in boxing
a poor example of humanity

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