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Saturday, July 9, 2011

another big mistake

the new big mistake, spending millions to release and track guns in Mexico & South America

America is so out of its element
America is not yet again hungry
America has leaders who have never been hungry
and do not know the motivation
of starvation

America, once the leader of the world
has lost its grasp
and can not seem to do anything right

America seems doomed to failure
everything it touches turns sour

America has lost its moral right
A nation built out of bloodshed
from the founding days when it destroyed
the native tribes, wiping out the complexion
indigenous to the land

then the battle with  the natives across the pond
and still the battle with each other

until the great war, to end all war
and instead of finding a humane way to close
the dispute, of course along with others
the stripping of the bad guys, leaving them nothing
to lick their wounds
furthering the fostering of the conflict
forcing the bad guys to come back with a vengeance
to rock their modern world

and then America, again,
with all its might, fights for control of the world
to make friends with the enemy

(what in fact is happening is
the bully is telling everybody what the game is
and what the rules are
and what the punishment will be
if the game is not played the way they say
they change the rules
and put the wrench in the works
and mess up the game
so only a very few
again win
and are on top of the pile)
"I will let you play my game until I win"
is really what the game is

Until the freak of nature
distorts the reality
then chaos rules

the old cause and effect
with the cause always blaming the effect for the results

and the results
for very many
the contraction
of assets,
of freedom,
of happiness,
of opportunity,
in some cases
the loss of everything
before the big chill

leaving a listless waning
an oblivion

with  crawling
the norm
and the creature
wanders the oblivion
crawling its way back
to civility and society...

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