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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The way it is

Corporations are free
accountable to no one
not you and not me

corporations make decisions
that foul the environment,
all over the world,
and like the timex, they keep
on ticking
while those living in the surrounding
areas are harmed physically, emotionally
and financially

Their land is destroyed
their health compromised
and their life cut short

and the corporation beats on

sometimes, when they are sued,
without accepting responsibility,
after years have passed, they
pay off the plaintiffs with token
remuneration, most of the
settlement benefiting the legal teams
that fought the battle, and appropriately,
they who fought the battle,
 should be reimbursed for their
knowledge, diligence and time.

And the persons responsible, the corporate
personnel destroying the habitat and health
of others are still paid their salaries including
benefits and retirement income.
Nothing happens to them, they are
no names, living out their lives in comfort.

Corporations are like shell games,
under no shell will you find the nut
that cracks the case that fixes the mess, 
or the nut that made the mess.

The sacrificial lamb, so to speak, is Rupert
Murdock, his corporation violated the rules
and was caught, and he takes no responsibility
neither does his son.
And he appears before the world and says

It will be interesting to see if the British
are more willing to get to the bottom of things
and tell the world what has happened, who is really 
responsible and what safeguards are in place
to protect the unprotected.

The current financial crisis could be, in part, to terrorism
and the role governments and the media played in
instilling fear. There has always been danger in the world
but it seems that those who lead and those who inform
are too terrified to think, terrible, horrible, awful, frightening,
dangerous, horrific, scary, and every other adjective
to describe fear is the only way they informed us of
what was happening in the world.

They could not say, "A bomb exploded at a train station, killing
two wounding twenty" instead would have been reported
"terrible bomb explosion at a train station.....
A horrible bomb explosion....."

And we follow in their footsteps and get scared, and squirrel away everything.

But, also, the Clinton Administration(notice there is no one accountable
here either) changing the rules for Freddie and Fannie Mac destroying
the economic formula for a more sound housing environment.

If someone out right kills someone, the killer is punished.
But corporations and governments, who are no people,
no one that is named, maim and destroy and keep on ticking.

Until we the collective conscience, vote with our dollars, and refuse
to endorse those corporations and governments that are not acting in the best interest of the collective all.

When, that is, we find out what is really going on.

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