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Saturday, July 30, 2011


America, the United States there of, that is,
is officially in trouble
from within

The ruling powers, those elected officials
elected to represent the peoples in
the  geographic area that elected them,
are powerless to make decisions that will benefit the nation,
or are unwilling to act in their behalf.

Whether or not the budget crisis is real
there is in fact the illusion of an authentic calamity

It is probably a reality
there is no money
the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are bleeding us dry
BUT not for the reason of government expenditure
to fight for democracy
But for all the stealing an pilfering

The disappearance of equipment in Afghanistan
is disturbing
It has been reported that ten million dollars a day
is disappearing from Afghanistan

There seems to be no one protecting the interest of the
American people over there
since it is our money they are using to fight this war
and it is not being protected
how can any good be done over there

how can the war effort be effective when there are
individuals, groups, many removing the tools needed
to win the war and to rebuild the nation that war has

It is all a hoax, or is it.
It is all for the oil.
And there is a higher price at the pump.

China is now a consumer, in competition with the USA
so prices in America for fuel should continue to rise,
no matter what war we fight.

One problem now is that China has all the money to spend
and we can not afford to bid above them, we have as they say
no money to pay our bills

So they will create more money
backed by the good name of the USA

BUT if the USA defaults, it will have to pay a higher interest
to borrow to buy anything
and to fight the wars

We seem to be boxing ourselves into a corner
with no way out
no matter what is done
there will be hardship

And what will be very difficult
all those kids who have been living with those silver spoons in their mouths
will have to suck the silver
because there will be nothing to put on the spoons
and they will not know how to react
because they have never been hungry

and whatever enemies we in America have
will have the advantage
having grown out of hardship
they will know how to live the lean life

they will not be hungry
because they have tightened their belts

It has been a long time since we have had a war on our territory

The high unemployment in America
and the rest of the world
is prime fodder for conflict

The powers that be, know what to do
they simply refuse to do it

and we all will have to suffer for it.

too bad for us.
the good times are gone.
every generation alive now will suffer,
except for the few who have accumulated the wealth
and have found the rules to keep it.
bona fortuna.
count your blessings.
think happy thoughts.
live one day at a time.
expect nothing.
therefore whatever you get
you will appreciate.
except if you expect everything to be laid in your lap.

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