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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear Diary, Super Bowl Ads Less than 2.5.12

Dear Diary,
Today, like every other Super Bowl Sunday, anticipation awaiting
advertising. Looking forward to what usually is the best fare for
selling stuff.
Alas, we shall have to wait another year to hopefully behold the
art of advertising at its best.
Two ads are the only mentionable fare.
Samsung's touch pad, presented with singing and dancing. It was tough to
hear what they were saying. The dance routine was eye catching.
Coca Cola's ad reminded us it was winter and looked like a cartoon for
The rest of them were STUPID.
What WAS absent, was art, beauty, drama, poise.
What was reflected though, was the chaos of the times, the empty barrels
making noise and the slapstick assaults that disguise themselves as humor.
Nothing was funny, nothing was pretty, and nothing said anything.
When you watch an ad and you have no idea what they are saying, you
question the judgment of the company that paid someone to think of it
and then produce it.
There was no hook to grab. There is no good reason to remember any of
the offerings. A waste of money, they missed their mark. The largest
audience of the year, and they wasted the attention of the gallery.
Advertising is no longer a medium for entertaining eye catching
attractions that would impress the audience.
With a little bit of money it is possible to present a package worth
opening, too bad they did not think the audience deserved more, or
anything sophisticated.
Another good reason to turn off the television, nothing worth watching.
Advertising is adding to the disease that is seeping into the media,
Like the leaders, Like the people, less is all they are willing to give.
And we are settling for mediocrity. Good bye America. Hello dumbland.

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