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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The game of Football

Well we watched the ball game.
But, my comment is that the game is always fixed.
I have lost much interest in sports competitions because of all the
Lance Armstrong really broke my heart, taking steroids is one thing but
lying about is an altogether bummer.
So, I sometimes watch kids perform on track and field just to see what
the kids have grown to.

About football, i remember back in the 60's they would interview
football players and they could not communicate at all. Now they are
thinking machines that speak to. Man has come a long way learning lots
of stuff and then they have to cheat to make sure they win.

I remember when playing the game was the important thing. Now, winning
is the only thing that matters. There is no more art in sports, it has
become a survival feat.

Oh yeah, there are some pretty passes and some amusing touchdowns but
the real challenge has been removed. Fake turf has removed the mud and
dirt and grass from football uniforms so we do not get to see the tell
tale signs of the damage the players are feeling. It is now a sterile
competition, fighting for land that isn't even real.

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