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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fwd: for your consideration

When you are feeling, you don't know what
begin to write anything
what day it is
what the weather is like
and more will come out

If you write it down it will get out of your head
All that you are feeling is everything in your memory
all at once

yesterday today and tomorrow
all jumbled up in a mess

it doesn't have to be neat

allow yourself to grieve
cry scream yell
let it out
keeping it inside will only prolong the pain
and make it worse

feel how horrible it feels
only once do you bury a father
it is a unique pain
and you will only feel it once

then begin to celebrate
all the good that was
all the happy that was
all the love that was
hug it tight
and then let it go
with time
all the pain will fade away
and life can begin anew
for the stronger you

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