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Sunday, May 27, 2012



code, maybe
code, no
gibberish, just the fingers fidgeting

there is nobody out there
we are all alone
it is just me sitting here
with my thoughts

remember those gone
remember those here

learn from their mistakes
so the mistakes you make are less painful

life, learning to live with the choices we make
life, looking back at what was
life, looking forward, dreaming what might be

life, living in the now

the sadness of memorial
the faces gone
those close, now distant
the hugs can't be made
the faces of the past
the smiles of days gone by
the people disappeared

the one's that made things better
the people who brought cheer
are they no longer here?

Are the dead really dead,
are they alive because they are still in our head.
Faces dancing, relatives prancing.

When  he is missed, just think, the face appears,
is it him or is it you, alas, he says nothing new.
Flash, a memory from the past, a face long gone by.

Memorial to him to her, to me, to yesterday
and what was to be, the reality of then and the
memory of now. The experience of the past, the way we saw it, changed to the way we want it to be.
Is that the past, or is it the present.
Living in yesterday today, putting them here, at our side. It is getting crowded, we all standing side by side.

The soldier, the sailor, the farmer, the banker the grandma, the cousin, the aunt the uncle. The pieces of our memory, that make us what we be. We needed all of them to come up to me. I would be different if it was not for....

The smile she gave me, the hug from him, the stern look, the scold, the show. We watched their lives, we watched them live, we read the history, now is it us who live, are we pieces of them gathered here, or am I me with memories in me, of who they were and what they did. The stories I tell, the tales I talk, did they happen, or did I dream them. Are you really there, do you know what it is you hear. Do we read it as it was written or do we make our own rules. Do we translate correctly, what in fact is correctly. Things happen, we see them from the corner of our eye, are we color blind or is that the color it is. Nothing is real. We make it real, only because we believe it is real. We make believe it is real.

We make the memorial, we make the memory, we make it the way we want it. no matter what it was, we make it the way we want it.

Our memorial, the faces the way we want to see them, the faces we want to see, Only those that are treasures to you and to me. The rest we never see.
The other memory, yours, not me.

Someone special, someone important, our treasures we remember, those we keep as memory. Treasures we hold, lessons we learned. Hearts, we need, hearts we break. We remember what was important, we remember what we want to give back. We give back what we want others to remember, what was important to us.

How about the bad guy. Lets memorialize the bad guy, because without them there would be no good guy.

Those we celebrate, who are they, why do we celebrate them. Some we celebrate we can not exalt without their alter ego.

But no, not today. We think about them, those we cherish, in our minds eye we love and hug them, because they make us and they made us feel better, feel good. They gave to our lives that which we needed to feel better about ourselves, to feel good about ourselves. They have given to us and we celebrate their gift. Memorial, we remember receiving something special, something only they had to give, something we are counting, that has added to our lives. We celebrate what we receive because it has made us bigger and grander.

Usually not, do we receive, on this day we celebrate we laud we count, that which we got, and not what was taken. And we hope someone remembers to give and not receive, to touch us for the better, and not take, wanting to receive. We want for all to feel better, and it is them we remember, those who have given, from whom we did receive.

To them we are grateful, to them we salute, to them we wish, some day, some one will celebrate us in memorial.

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