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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Being blunt is not necessarily what people want to hear when they are in the mood for pity and sympathy but when aging some of us are more inclined to be rudely honest or blunt. Our time is getting shorter and we find the fastest way to get the job done but we are not diplomats.

That is a fault of narccists. Me included. I have not learned the skill of selling. I have more importantly, important to myself of course, found the solution to a problem and relish that success. Not being able to convert the information to a sales pitch is a short coming.

For example, someone disabled went to a wedding and was bummed out by discovering that another person with the same disability was at the wedding. Ruined the whole event for the person. My comment was that the person was simply changing the event to making it about themself, instead of en joying the event. A purely selfish move, also, a waste of a perfectly good time. Also, a mistake because in life there are more bad times than  good times for disabled individuals so it was doubly wasted. What is the good of wasting a good time to feel bad. Save feeling bad for when you truly do feel bad. A wedding is a time to celebrate, it is a perfect excuse to celebrate. Celebrating is a time for the body to feel good. Like the song says, everybody, be happy. After the wedding you can feel as unhappy as you want. Besides the newly weds need all the good karma they can get, especially in these difficult times. Put yourself aside and share their joy.

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