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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear Me 1945

There will be a delay in posting the rest of 1945

A mental health break is in order
reading thru the magnifying glass intensifies the experience of reading a letter
and returning to the past, like visiting a time machine

These fingers will take some time to turn the soil and visit the present

There are very many more letters to post
but the soul is weary

reading these letters and experiencing my father again is a disconcerting experience
He is seen in every letter

It is as if he is here in Missouri

So I am on the warfront in Europe 1944-1945, along with my family in Brooklyn then here in the present with all the ghosts besides me.

They are crowding my space and I need a break,
it is like having the shakes

Time is needed  to recenter myself into the present

Wanting to share the letters with you has shaken something
I expect dreams will be forthcoming
and I would rather have a good nights sleep

There are already plenty of pages of Dear posted to keep you amused for a while
I know you will understand my need to step away from it for awhile
The intense attention paid to producing as much as possible as quickly as possible
has depleted the reserves
time to regroup
time to think of other and more things than the past
time to today, and tomorrow giving yesterday a rest
so I can return
another day to
give it my best
ta ta

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