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Thursday, March 31, 2011

special victims

Anyone who watches television knows that there is a police program about special victims.

When you give it consideration, special victims, is a sales pitch that you can't resist. Being special is always worth achieving, something we all want.

Being a victim, none of us want to be, but a special victim has merit,  ask Jesus, he has had that distinction for more than two thousand years.

On various occasions I too have been a victim and what is special about that is, it is a feeling and experience I can do without.

Twice in two different apartments I have been burgled, having personal possessions stolen which is the least of the horror. The worst is having someone invade your personal space always leaving you with the feeling that you are not safe.

That is not nearly as big a victim as Jesus but it surely felt badly and too a very long time to shake the victim mentality. Until one day I finally said, "I refuse to be a victim." And I fought and continue to fight to protect myself from the awful feeling of being a victim.

Which brings me to the tv program. Do you think there is a subliminal message being transmitted there. That the idea of a 'special' victim is giving viewers the mentality to make it ok to be a victim. Like the information transmitted to little children, as role models, they learn from observation. So too, some people without thinking, are sitting in front of their tv sets with the plan of being entertained and instead or in addition they are being programmed to be 'special victims'. They are not planning for it, it just happens. The mind is on its own, as to what it absorbs and how it interprets information. So there are plenty of new 'special victims' sprouting all around the world, making it easier for the perpetrators to victimize.

Of course, there are the sophisticated who think it absurd that new 'special victims' are being born because of a tv program. They think that a thinking reasoning individual would not fall into that trap, but, are they right.

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