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Monday, March 7, 2011


Finally thought I had figured it out
Bought a personal media drive
to transfer the Dear letters
from the computer to the other
computer, the one that is hooked
up to the rest of the world

tried to email the pages from the
external hard drive to the blog
the cover page posts and the
rest of the pages disappear

tried two different formats
and still to no avail

more than a hundred pages
floating in nowhere

tried blog help
tried google
tried blog forum
tried guessing
tried various combinations
of questions and queeries
and still naught

oh brain
oh great brain
please figure it out

[is that the same as rubbing
the lamp for the genie to appear]

there so far is no genie
and no answer

all alone in the middle of nowhere
trying to figure out where to turn
to solve the problem

it will be very interesting to see how long
it will take me to solve the cyber puzzle
that is driving me crazy

just when I thought I had my problem solved
who to ask
who to find
maybe call the tech support at your internet
WHY did I not think of that sooner
too late now
they have all gone to sleep
will call them tomorrow
to see if they can help me
post the Dear letters to the blog
good nite

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