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Friday, March 4, 2011


The twenty first century phenomena.
The way we live.
The only way we get anything,
wait in line
wait your turn.

We are experiencing an increase in call volume
you will have to wait, call will be answered in the
order in which they were received.

There is an overpopulation explosion
yet we never speak with a person
we always get a recording.

There is a scarcity of jobs
computers are doing it all

we are being phased out and we don't even know it
we think we still have opp portunity
we think we can still make a difference

what number are you
when will it be your turn
when will you be served

wait to enter
wait to exit
wait your turn
wait till the sun shines Nelly

hurry up and wait

you call for a doctor
you must wait till the computer clears you
through to the next queue

you call the government
you get the computer
you have to choose
to be placed in the queue

you call the phone company
you must talk to the computer
to get placed on the queue

jobs, there are no jobs
we have abused yet again
for the sake of austerity
you are being phased out
the computer is your replacement
you think
it thinks
you err
it errs
and you are being phased out
to bad you didn't think binary
to bad you didn't think on/off
to bad

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