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Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 ABC Republican Presidential Candidates Debate

     Can it get any funnier.these guys don't realize that people are listening to them.  At times they sound like bickering classmates, elementary mates at that.
    Gay marriage was an issue that was turned around to religious persecution, stealthily done by Mr Gingrich reporting that the Catholic Church in some states were prevented from offering adoption services because they would not let gay couples adopt. It seems they would rather have a child grow parentless, rather than being loved by parent or parents, regardless of what they do sexually. They all we strong for privacy rights but encroach upon homosexual rights to privacy. Judging how a person shares love is what they were very strong about. Being a loving couple gives you no equal rights, except for the newt, he was in fact in favor of concessions. There was strong feelings for keeping the male female hierarchy with recognition of no other lifestyle. The family as core is what they were pushing for.[Mr Huntsman's feelings, I am not very clear about]. Mr Santorum is the most rigid against any recognition for gay rights. The financial benefits of marriage ie tax breaks etc seem still to be a private club for male female unions. [What the gay community should do in protest is buy two family homes, have partners marry other partners i.e.  one lesbian partner marry one homosexual partner and their respective other partners marry, therefore affording them the finincial benefits of marriage(currently denied them) and they will thus be elligible to adopt. 
    That of course is not acceptable ethically, for very many feelings would have to be suppressed, but if you wanted to get even with the establishment, that is the way to do it.
     Rules, that is what is the issue, and who gets to make them. Status quo is what they want, although some of them up there have changed the rules, making divorce the norm. It is good for a child to be reared in an environment where they are made familiar with both male and female tendencies but when there are excess children thrown away, who are in desperate need of a life, why should they be denied love. The rule is the rule and that is that.
       Mr. Huntsman was the strongest character with a plan. Mr's Paul and Perry wanted to bicker. Mr Gingrich seemed the wounded dog.
        Mr Romney at one point refused to answer a question and instead went on his high horse tirade of beating up on the president. He thought it more important to dump on someone than address the issue presented. It looked like the kid wanted to play his own game.
        We laughed a lot, it was the funniest thing  we have watched in a long time, except when I decided to close my eyes to listen to see if I could hear who was telling the truth(try it for the next debate, they will appear different). Sad commentary, a debate to consider the next leader and it was more a joke.

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